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Hiring managers areexperts working to solve an issue important for every company: to find the most suitable and highly qualified person for a certain position. The peculiarity of this work is determined by efficiency and high effectiveness while looking for the most acceptable candidates. Modern life becomes more and more globalized and is characterized by the rapid increase of the pace of life, which makes people more flexible when shifting from one position to another. In this context, recruiters have much less time to identify skills and other merits of potential candidates. No doubt, there are a number of things employers do not reveal: what they personally think of recruitment process, applicant’s resume, and even the way candidates send their thank-you notes. In this case, applicants need to pay more attention to the factor of the first impression that helps to overtake the other candidates.

It is generally known that employer’s attitude to an applicant is determined, first of all, by the company’s corporate culture and existence of strong HR brand. As a rule, candidates can expect formal politeness only, and interviewers usually do not pay much attention to the image of the company that applicants create in their mind. This fact makes people feel uncertain about real intentions of the HR managers and convinces potential candidates that there is something that employers conceal.



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One must bear in mind that external and internal candidates trying to get a certain job position find themselves in completely different situations. Generally, both external and internal candidates have to go through three main interview stages: pre-interview, the interview, and post-interview. Pre-interview stage is of less concern for external candidates; the fact they received an invitation for the interview means that their resume matched employer’s expectations. The primary aim here is to correspond to the very first image that was created in employer’s mind by the resume. However, this stage is of greater complexity for the internal candidates because there is a common idea that it is much easier for an internal employee to shift from one position to another within the company than for an external candidate to get the same position. Nevertheless, it can play a bad joke on internal candidates because their every step, opinion, or gossip can be easily tracked by the employer and influence their chances of getting the desired job. Too often, employees simply do not suspect that employer’s opinion about them is entirely based on what they say and how they act while working, and their conduct has a direct impact on how they look in the employer’s eyes.

The interview stage for an external candidate is all about acting the "right way" which means resembling the image that the employer has after reading candidate’s resume. It also implies that a potential candidate must listen carefully to the interviewer, make apposite questions and give correct answers in order to make a strong impression on the employer. On the other hand, the beginning of the interview is always critical for an internal candidate as there are no internal candidates at this stage at all. The only advantage that an internal candidate has over an external one is when they are even in employer’s eyes, which automatically gives some extra points to the internal candidate as he/she is already working within the company and has already been checked for loyalty to the corporate culture. Despite this, the internal candidates usually forget that proper outfit, behavior, and desire to get the certain job position are crucial, and this makes them equal to external candidates.

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The post-interview stage gives the advantage to an internal candidate again. At this time, his/her working experience can be graded by the hiring manager on the basis of everyday activity within the company. In this case, an internal candidate has a greater opportunity to impress the interviewer than an external one does. It may include different solutions for the department where the internal candidate works which can show the employer that he or she has some specific skills necessary to get the desired position. In this situation, an external candidate can only be recommended to keep demonstrating his/her communication skills. It is recommended to ask for interviewer’s business card and stay in touch waiting for the job decision.

Another aspect of getting a career is that candidates never know how employers evaluate them during the interview. Hiring managers very often start drawing conclusions about applicant’s personality relying solely on some new-fangled psychological theories instead of examining candidate’s experience and working skills. The worst part here is when employers do not inform potential candidates about the reasons of rejection which creates a negative impression in candidate’s mind. There are a few reasons why employers prefer not to explain the rejection occasions.

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First of all, many companies consider the risk of candidates suing them after receiving the negative news about the reasons for job rejection. Secondly, employers do not want to deal with applicants who try to argue manager’s decision. Thirdly, hiring managers find it ridiculous to tell a candidate the reason of his/her rejection, which may include description of some negative aspects of their character or simply lack of work experience. Another possible reason is that employers simply do not have time to explain the reasons for refusal and they are not paid for doing it.

Thus, the described situation has many "traps" that candidates are simply unaware of when getting a career. One must know that obtaining a job or shifting to a new position within the company in a challenging economic environment is quite difficult. Candidates should bear it in mind that the fact that the employer has invited them for the interview does not actually mean that one should not pay attention to the attire, behavior and manner of speaking. In this case, applicants need to pay more attention to the factor of the first impression that helps to overtake the other candidates and get the desired job position.


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