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To evaluate and specify a suitable means of transport within the city of Jeddah at 2025

Transport in Jeddah City is on its knees with the travelers complaining of slow transport which is time consuming, traffic congestion, lack of alternative roads and footpaths to be used by pedestrians and safety concerns have also been raised. Te transport situation must therefore be evaluated alternative ways of transport be set up to eradicate traffic snallups and facilitate faster transportation of people and their goods .If not addressed, then the city’s economy will be at the risk of bowing down to failure.

Literature review

Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian city, is one of the most developed and lucrative cities in the Middle East. It is a very vital city since it acts as the gateway to some of the most important cities to the Muslims in the world. These cities are Mecca and Medina. They are frequently visited by the Muslim faithful yearly. The city also has a diverse population which currently stands at approximately 3.4 Million people and I expected to rise and hit the 5 Million mark by 2029. The rapidly growing population and the surging number of visitors in the city calls for a more elaborate and efficient means of transport that will serve both the population of the city dwellers and the visitors that use the city as a transit to the other cities in the Arab world. There has been a rising demand for transport and this has been due to the fact that 86% of the vehicles on the roads are personal cars and only 14% are public-owned by SAPTICO Company. On the other hand, Jeddah roads statistics are alarmingly high. In 2007, there were total of 78,680 reported traffic accidents-an average of more than 200 a day including 387 fatal accidents, 2,738 injury accidents and 75,777 property damage. 



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Plan of Action

To achieve the objectives of the study, 3 types of data will be collected:

1. Features of the city’s population and the means of transport available in the city (from the previous planning studies and demographic studies of the city of Jeddah).

2. A survey to identify the means of transport used by the population and socio-economic characteristics of transport users (via a questionnaire on a sample of the population).

3. Strategy on Land transportation used by the well developed countries that can be adopted in Jeddah city. The entire work will be done in a period of Seven months to its completion.


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