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In every business organization, there are rules and regulations that tend to govern some of the activities taking place within it. This therefore calls for the management committee to be very keen to in dealing with the arising matters or problems within an organization or any business firm. In “ buckets for the cure” which is a teamed up advertising business firm, there tend to be a lot of problems that at times becomes very difficult for even the management committee to deal with. As an accounts executive in charge of advertising in this organization, there are some challenges that I face that without enough experience and support from other members of the management committee, I cannot fully apprehend to. This particular organization faces a lot of difficulties when it comes to advertisements because of the constant protests that the organization tends to face when it comes to issues of advertisements. The protest lowers down the level of performance of the organization and even the rate of purchase. For all these problems to be sorted or curbed, the organization has to go back to the drawing board to figure out or to find out some of the possible solutions to these problems. KFS and G Komen teamed up to come up with this organization of which is termed as campaign organization. This organization or team mainly bases campaign matters on breast cancer and how to prevent it.



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Challenges facing KFS as an organization

Some of the challenges facing “” are associated with the way the organization carries out some of its activities or processes when it comes to advertisement. The strategies that this particular organization had put forward is therefore be said to have been not genuine or ideal .This can be seen by the prevailing protests and poor market forces that the organization tend to experience. Though this kind of organization produces up to standard, commodities or goods that are fit for consumption or human use, the kind of strategies used in advertising are poor and this is one of the reasons why people protest as they still do not understand the quality of our goods and how they are significant to human life. As an accounts executive in charge of advertising, there are some strategies that I have to give a try or put in place so as to help in regaining the market strength of the organization and the good faith or consumers. This out to be done immediately the organization senses some bits of drop in the marketing forces in every company or organization but due to the insufficient resources that almost all the companies or firms experience, alternative methods have to be applied to cool down the whole process.

The protest in this case also comes as a result of poor payment methods that the employees are subjected to. This is so due to the poor market forces or collapse in purchases. The employees are most likes not to perform their work or job to perfection as they lack the boosting or self motivating power. There are some of the strategies that the organization should set to help in dealing with these problems. I have not also been able to fund the advertisement process effectively as needed due to the low income that this particular organization tends to face. Due to the fact that this particular organization is based on campaign issues, there is no much profit made out of it that can fund the advertising process. The whole purpose of the organization is creating awareness on issues of cancer such as breast cancer that is considered to be a deadly disease. The accounts of the organization only get filled depending on how some of the well wishers and other generous donors donate finance to enhance the stability of the campaign. People in this particular case relating to what had been said earlier in this paper, get involved in protests for they do not understand the real meaning of this campaign organization. They tend to have a mentality that the organization is aimed at forcing money out of people’s pockets. The organization gets involved to such issues because it cannot stand on its own and therefore needs support from other external members who are willing to support it. Without full support from people, it can go into extinction and this can lead the name of the organization or team into shame because it collapse before meeting some of its set targets and objectives as far as this campaign matter is concerned. This therefore calls for new strategies for the organization in terms of advertisements.

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The strategies to deal with the matters affecting KFS

KFS is an organization or a team that deals with very many things though in this paper it tend to focus on the strategies to be used in stabilizing Komen’s “Bucket forthecure”. For this particular organization to change or find its new direction to success, there have to be some newly set strategies that are aimed at reaching the desired points or limits. As per my perception, the method of advertisements should be changed so as to instill the real meaning of this campaign organization into the minds or brains of people. The campaign organization should also involve people in some kind of education concerning the kind of services they render to people and their main purpose for setting this particular organization. People should be allowed to join in the organization and those who are willing to boost the organization or campaign financially should also be given a chance to do so. The organization should also not put a lot of pressure to the people but only those who are willing to listen to such advertisements. The organization should also find more genuine ways of gaining stability apart from depending on people for support. When all these are done, the organization or campaign organization can successfully reach its goals or objectives. It can also be concluded that the paper mainly focuses on health and ways of preventing breast cancer as a disease.


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