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The current world has numerous challenges that accompany networking. Security is a major problem that internet providers struggle with currently due to increased number of hackers (Prasad, 2004). The type of network connection should also be very reliable. Before designing a Wide Area Network (WAN) the bandwidths that are to be used must be determined based on the size of the traffic that is to be operated by the network. The information needed to design the website can be gathered from the main sites databases, branch sites databases, and the other information available such as the mail (Prasad, 2004). Once the information about the traffic is gathered then the development stage kicks in.

The next step in WAN development involves topology determinations. At this point, the topology is determined using the information gathered on the size of the WAN needed (Prasad, 2004). A good example of topology is the star topology, which involve use of a hub and spoke. In this case, it can be partially or fully meshed. Another common type of topology is the chained (ring) topology where each site in this case has one connection to a neighboring site (Prasad, 2004). This connection proceeds until the last computer is connected to the first computer. The hardware to be used must also be determined.

The technology to be used must also be determined. Technologies such as routers, frame relay, switches, ATM, MPLS Ethernet must be determined. Once this has been established the IP connectivity is then determined in most cases to the lowest level to the desired size (Prasad, 2004). Once all this parameters are determined, establishment of the WAN can now proceed. For effective functioning of the WAN a bridge should be established linking the WAN and the LAN. The use of the newly designed PSIC LAN makes the WAN even more effective.


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