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The issue of abortion has drawn mixed reactions from many people throughout the world. Whereas a number of people criticize it on the basis of their own notions, many, on the other hand, support it. For many years, women throughout the world have desired to avert pregnancy as well as birth when they are physically or morally not ready to deliver. In 1973, the Supreme Court of the US lawfully recognized abortion. As a result, millions of women have chosen abortion (Jacob 199-201).

They Do Not Know Who Women Are

In many ways, I believe that the decision to continue one’s pregnancy is largely personal. As women know that they are doing their best, there are people who are working hard to make them feel ashamed and guilty. They are people who want to push their ideas down everybody’s throat and therefore, want to make abortion a crime. For past couple of years, these busybodies have spent a lot of money and used religion, politics, intimidation, terrorism, and violence to prevent women from making a choice.



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There is nothing worse than forcing a woman made pregnant by an incident like rape to carry the pregnancy to its fullness. Such an act aggravates the situation and further causes psychological harm to the victim (WebMD). In most cases, a woman is too afraid to speak up or is even not aware of the fact that she may be pregnant. After all, the morning after pill is usually ineffective.

Victims of Rape Should not be forced to continue a Pregnancy

Statistics indicate that one in every three women will be sufferers of sexual brutality in their life. In as much as scores of people feel that these women ought to be allowed to endure the pregnancy, it is not worth it to force a woman to endure the effects of the evil ordeal over and over again, just to give up the baby for adoption at the end. According to UNICEF, there are millions of children who are orphaned in the world today, yet there are few people willing to be their guardians. Then, how would another baby have a better chance?

It goes without saying that adolescents who become parents have dismal prospects for the future. As a matter of fact, such young mothers are more likely to leave school and receive insufficient prenatal care. Additionally, these young mothers heavily rely on public assistance to bring up their children, thereby developing health related challenges, and eventually end up being divorced.

People who prevent women from having any choices act as though they are speaking on behalf of a higher deity. As a matter of fact, their only concern in their campaign is to make abortion unlawful. It ought to be noted that these individuals do not know who women are; neither do they know about their values or more so their lives. Additionally, they do not know whether the men involved are people who are trustworthy or dependable. Furthermore, they do not know if she can meet the expense of caring for a child, or if they are ready to be parents.

Abortion Rights are Vital for Gender Equality

When the women are not allowed to make an abortion, they are not only being forced to proceed with the pregnancy to birth, but they are also expected by the society to support and look after the children for many years until they become adults. In many ways, a woman’s freedoms and life choices are usually limited by bearing children. Furthermore, there are several customs, stereotypes, as well as oppressive duties that result from childbearing (BBC).

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Abortion is a Moral Good

There lies a big difference between circumstances under which a woman decides to carry out an abortion and the abortion itself. In most cases, the circumstances that lead to abortion are usually very bad ones (Kaczor 101-105). In most cases, it involves an unwanted pregnancy, low economic status, rape, incest, intimate partner violence, or even fetal abnormality (Boonin 264-266). Consequently, I strongly believe that abortion is a savior for women, thus making it a positive choice. In as much as it is purely a medical procedure, it is however dogged with notions of being a negative event (BBC).

Unfortunately, the discussion that surrounds abortion is largely focused on how “tragic” it is. If it is “tragic” as some people say, is open-heart surgery “tragic”? By all means, the reasons behind open-heart surgery cannot be termed as bad. It is just a positive response to a bad situation. In the same way, carrying out an abortion is also a good response to a situation which is not good.

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Similarly to choosing to have a baby is a moral good, legally forcing an individual to carry a pregnancy cannot be a moral good (WebMD). The right to have an abortion clearly offers an individual the autonomy to either give birth or not. In the same way, the right of an individual to make an independent choice about whether or not they will carry a pregnancy to its fullness is a moral good. After all, the individual making the choice to have an abortion knows best. Since abortion, being a medical procedure is a moral good, it is bad when an individual is forced not to carry it out (Jacob 199-201).

Women ought to have control over their own bodies, since it is critical to civil rights (Boonin 264-266). The moment an individual takes away this reproductive choice, they have stepped on a slippery slope. It becomes worse when a government forces women to continue pregnancy. What about cases when women are forced to use contraceptives or to submit to sterilization?

Every year, the government of the United States uses taxpayers’ money to assist poor women to access the same medical services that rich women have access to. Actually, abortion is one of these services. In many ways, there is no difference between funding abortion and funding the war in the Middle East. The right to control one’s body is a key moral right. In this regard, a woman has the right of choosing what she can or cannot do with her own body (BBC). Since the fetus exists inside the woman’s body, she can decide whether the fetus remains in her body or not. Anybody who is opposed to my independent views can vent their anger at the polling booth.

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I believe that a woman needs free access to abortion in order to realize full social, economic, and political equality with men. In addition to this, there is need for women to be granted the right to abortion in order to have the same freedoms as men. I believe that women need to have full control over their own bodies, irrespective of whether they carry a fetus or not. Without this right, they do not have similar moral status as men. Therefore, I support the idea that women should have the choice whether to make abortion or not. 


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