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Free «Criminal Justice System» Essay Sample


Law enforcement describes different professionals that enforce and uphold the statutes and laws that are in force in a certain jurisdiction. The law enforcement agencies face problems in their efforts to deal with many frauds and crimes. This paper gives a challenge that faces the law enforcement. It also gives a solution and recommendations for the future.

Law enforcement challenge

One challenge that faces the law enforcement is the cyber stalking. These are the threatening advances that normally directed to other people through the internet using computers.  The involved criminals/victims gets their target people through e-mails, chartrooms e.t.c. some of the forms of cyber stalking include live chat harassment, obscene e-mail messages, hate messages, sexual harassment, data theft, impersonation, consumer fraud, spamming, sending computer viruses and stealing of identities using the computers. The law enforcement agencies perceive the communication with the aim of harassing someone as a serious crime and they therefore need very effective laws and statutes of dealing with the crime (The international center for victims of crime).This cyber staking is caused by lack of self esteem in the criminals as the feel safe and not seen when committing the crimes through the internet. Also the offenders are facilitated by the reduced or no costs of communicating using some internet sites (1999 REPORT ON CYBERSTALKING).


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Solutions and recommendations

The law enforcement agencies should know that cyber talking is a real and threatening issue. The involved officers should acquire the relevant skills and intensive knowledge of using the internet and learn how to collaborate with the groups such as the cyber angels in order to curb the crimes that arise from the cyber talking. Also, the law enforcement officers should attend the workshops that are arranged by the organizations such as the Internet Crime, Inc through which they can obtain the skills of tracking the people who are associated with cyber talking crimes (Hitchcock A.2000). In addition, the targeted victims should change their e-mail addresses and the service providers and they should learn to use the privacy programs so that they cannot be accessed by the criminals.


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