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Sony Corporation is one of the most successful companies in the whole world. It has a wide coverage of clientele from all over the world and has successfully dominated all aspects of businesses in the music, devices and gadget industry. As far as 2000 fiscal year is concerned, the company has consolidated revenue amounting to seven trillion yen. Such amount has enabled the company to expand all their business ventures and to actually expand on the global scale like never before. As a matter of fact, the twenty to thirty percent share of its sales comes from the countries of Japan, Europe and the United States of America.

However, it cannot be denied that almost forty percent ownership of the company's stocks is governed by non-Japanese shareholders (Finlay, 2000). It must be noted too that because of the increasing competition in the field of the company's industry, innovation and change must be prioritized. In this regard, the company has been doing value addition to the worth of their products and services and thus making it more competitive in the market. The loss that they have been incurring for the years of their operations has enabled them to do their best in restricting their company for the betterment of profitability and maintaining their rank in the business (DeWit, 2004).

But it has to be noted that the loss that the company has incurred from 2009 to the present has not been that much as compared to the revenue that it has acquired. Hence, it can be adduced that the company is still doing well as far as consumer dealership is concerned (Hamel, 1994).

With all the forgoing, it can be suggested that the company should continue to expand their business lines and make sure that the trends are being looked after and that they are ready to give to the consumers everything that they wanted (Bowman, 1996).


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