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Free «Film Analysis: Hancock Movie» Essay Sample

Nowadays movie industries try to create different pictures, which will bring us to the metaphoric overthinking of our life. These are mainly ether stories about love, friendship or the end of the world. Picturing some exact behavior or actions on the screen directors try to bring to us the most exact picture of the invented reality. In the movie Hancock we will see a lot of examples of people ingratitude, accepting something incredible as given and pushing a person to a forced loneliness. The main hero, being the most powerful man on the planet is shown also as the most abandoned one. Hated and evaluated on every step as an actual bad guy and not a hero. This chaos in the life of the main hero and the one he is creating around him only can be stopped by an act of true friendship and kindness. All these main issues are screened in a powerful and expressive way. This movie should represent an epic story of person’s greatness getting him distanced from the world. It shows us, that actual power is worth nothing if the human has no background and support from anyone.

The human ingratitude and way of thinking that the world owes us something is really common in today’s world. People actually think that everything that is given to them or comes to them should take some exact place in their lives and stay there. All modern technologies and inventions are taken into consideration as the most common thing. In the movie Hancock we see that a powerful hero is given to the world. Unfortunately the citizens in his home city see him more as a robber than the actual criminals. All of them share a thought that Hancock should fight for them with the criminals, keep the order in the city and smile while doing that. In a moment when a little child demands from a drunk Hancock that he helps the police to capture the criminals, we see an exact picture of that. Hancock actually tries to help, doing that unfortunately in very clumsy and uncaring way. All his acts of goodness are done with a glimpse of negligence. He is one of his kind and nobody tries to help him to cope with the fact that his is lonely in his powerfulness. The main hero is shown as a person that cannnot cope with his greatness and tries to lower himself to the level of an alcoholic, bad guy and egoist. Simply nobody caring for his feelings and his life brings him up not caring about that what people demand from him. We see that every step he takes is screened on the news and the publicity is strongly pushing him in to bigger estrangement.

Hancock being the most powerful man on the planet gets to be the most lonely one. Everybody likes to stare at him and watch his power but nobody wants to stay with him after the act of using by him his supernatural powers. He is left out in the world alone. But then comes a moment when he actually saves the right person to help him. Ray is a publicity guy and being inattentive almost comes to a crash with a train. The Hancock arrives and simply after giving him a look of as he was crazy saves him in a common for Hancock way. He crashes Ray’s car, the train goes out of order and a couple of cars around him are also being damaged. Nevertheless Ray is thankful, because he stayed alive and can come back home to his family. He tries to remind the people that start yelling at Hancock that these are the actual things that matter, and not the damaged car or train, these are all things to be possessed and not to be loved. He is the one that wants to show Hancock that actually he has to be loved by the people and not to be hated. Ray invites Hancock to his house where he will meet two more people that will actually care about him. Although at first there will be an actual lack of confidence in Hancock from the side of Ray’s wife, Mary. All the time being a hero Hancock deviated from doing that what people demanded from him. His new friend gives him a thought that he should try to do what the people want, then they will realize they are actually wrong. He emphasizes that nobody values something that is common for him. Till that time that Hancock always makes an appearance when he is needed nobody will even consider he could not come. A Hero has become something totally understandable for them, so they do not realize how incredible actually he is. So Hancock goes to jail, as the authorities demand it. In that time Ray tries to bring to Hancock common kindness, respect and manners of a hero. They become true friends that spend a lot of time together. After a while the city realizes that they actually need their hero, and Hancock comes in to action as a true heroic man. He actually cares about that how he will be reflected in others minds, he has nobody and this way every thought that he meets is the one that leaves a mark in his subconsciousness. But he masters perfectly. An actual hero is born inside him.

Hancock actually witnesses a human kindness and friendship, these are the things that he was starving for as a hero. His power destined him for being alone, as he had nobody that he could talk to about it. Nobody could understand how hard it is to experience such kind of loneliness. When Hancock tells his story, about waking up in the hospital and not remembering anything when he woke up, he shares a thought that probably he was a terrible person in his former life, as nobody came to found something out about him. But now even after he was not leading a perfect way of living, somebody wants to take care about him, take care in a most human and natural way. After Mary reveals to him the secret that he was never alone, Hancock starts to understand that his power will give him a possibility to protect that what he cares about.

Almost every person in the world dreams about possessing some supernatural power to perform something uncommon and magnificent. But nobody thinks about the consequences which are brought with that kind of gift. A big power brings big responsibilities and if a person is not willing to take them it will make her miserable. This movie brings us to cherish the most valuable things in live. To be thankful for that what we have, to be happy about being as the rest and that being alike is actually a good thing. Mainly it is this way, because we experience same things and can share them with each other. Being alike brings us being together. Hancock is an example of that how an actual power can bring disorder and loneliness into life. He was the most powerful man in the world whose only weakness was love. Once again we experience in a plot an overwhelming power of love and that this feeling can even overcome supernatural power.


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