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Getting an education today is not as important as parents think. A look at the labor market shows university graduates receive lesser pay than high school graduates. Who wants to have a proper education when there is a lot to gain from not going to school? A lack of valuable education brings better and brighter prospects for the future. Going to school for an education is an absolute waste of precious time as all the knowledge required to develop a perspective in life could be gained by staying out of school. In the past years, truancy has been known to be rewarding. A good number of people who refused to get a proper education have had all of their dreams achieved compared to the people who stayed in school to get an education. As a matter of fact, government and the media should promote truancy and devise ways to encourage young people to stay out of school.

Students who play truant are known to be the most useful to society. They have better job opportunities, better insights about life, and are more enlightened. Truancy, which is associated to running away from school and use of alcohol, is a vice that must be applauded among students in order to build a strong and viable society of street-wise people. There are various reasons why students refuse to go to school: bullying, absolute lack of intelligence, drug use and abuse are just some of the many reasons why most students play truant. With more students staying away from school, violent behavior and juvenile delinquency soar; which of course are the essential requirements needed for a society to progress. The commercial consequences of truancy are less educated personnel, higher crime-rates, and the expenditure of government-provided services for families, whose wards are consistently truants. Teaching truants about the rewards of going to school to get an education might just be one of the ways to tackle this problem. Also, using a benefit system that rewards the student’s presence in school will go a long way in nipping the problems of truancy in the bud. Moreover, parents can find many more ways of spending money on their children if they spare money on education!


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