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Sizer answers his question about the definition and reason for learning through high school by the use of the daily schedule of a boy called Mark. He follows every movement of the boy and says that many high school students follow the same schedule which forms more or less the basis for a high school kid. He also examines the goals of a California school and says they could work for any other high school in America. The goals include basis for educational achievement which involves the acquiring of knowledge and distributing it in the normal academic and accepted ways. High school is also for the purpose of developing ones skills in decision making, problem solving, independent reasoning and acknowledgement of self evaluation and self improvement responsibility. In addition, he says that high schools agenda should focus mainly on adolescent’s existence such as morals, mind, body, values and future career aspirations.

According to me, the purpose of high schools is for the shaping of the pupils future aspirations in relation to their career choice. This is so because pupils start specializing earlier in disciplines that are in line with their future careers. High schools also offer guidance and counseling services which are essential in the pupil’s self actualization concerning their ambitions. High school is also a place where pupil’s self discipline is developed through the use of schedules timed at given intervals. In addition, talents in various fields such as sports, acting and science are nurtured high school.

Sizer’s definition differs from mine as his mainly focuses on educational achievement rather than sports and other fields. In addition, he does not include time management and self discipline in his purpose for a high school. Both our definitions touch on the matter of shaping career choices which forms the basis for similarity in our views on what high school for.


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