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Today’s American society represents an unsatisfied nation where people are complaining about everything and everyone around. Unfortunately, most of these people are prone to blame the government, other people, their neighbors on all their woes and problems. However, they never blame themselves for what is going on in their country as if it is not them who decide how their lives will go.

Comparing this situation in our modern society with what was going on in the middle of the 1600s, we would see some similarities despite a huge gap in time. Americans are driven by mercantilism these days as well as they were in the 17th century: National commerce and manufacturing are promoted, advertisements call for people to buy more and more things, and people fall for these advertisements, often spending money on things they do not really need only because it is brand new, popular, and their neighbors have it.

Similarly to the middle of the 18th century, the United States is still a very diverse in people country, and this diversity continues to grow with the amount of people coming to live in the United States all the time.

Surprisingly, but we observe that the increasing amount of people is looking for freedom: Financial freedom, freedom of work where they want, freedom of having relationship of any type with who they want, etc. People do not want to have any ties any more. At those times in far past, people also looked for freedom, especially women and colored people.

In our country most people can be considered ‘middle class’, living between two extremes: Wealth and poverty. This was actual for the Americans of the 17-18th centuries, too. We can clearly see that despite the drastic changes in the American society due to the technological and scientific breakthroughs, our lives and values remain similar to what our predecessors had. We are still those Americans who created our country many years ago.


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