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We cannot deny the impact the American Revolution had and continues to have on the entire society. However, this impact has changed a lot during many years – in some sectors it is strengthened, but in most – lessened. Women and children have much more rights nowadays than they had in past. The same relates to the colored people, who thanks to the high levels of democracy can enjoy now the power of freedom to the fullest.

The Revolution allowed people to learn how to appreciate freedom: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, of sexual orientation, occupation and political preferences. The states have comparatively equal rights now, too. Furthermore, the American Revolution reshaped and redefined the economic freedom. Surprisingly, but many people thought that the nation would not be able to function properly with so many people free, and therefore, able to take the power into their hands.

An important step to note is the recognition of the Catholicism which was highly rejected in the colonial America. The U. S. Constitution adopted centuries ago is still working being amended several times. Our Constitution is a real treasure for the American society and for the world’s heritage. An important achievement was the separation of the state and the church.

Emancipation reached the unimaginable heights in modern society. Feministic movements are the common activity now which astonishes no one. Having felt the taste of slavery, restricted rights, and forbidden deeds, people try to do everything possible to be able to feel free in all relations of this word all the time. However, they often shrink this freedom by working where they do not want to work, by living with those people who they do not really care about, by spending time in that way which does not bring them satisfaction.

Therefore, the question arises where the Americans are freer today than they were hundreds of years ago, or whether their ‘slavery’ just took over a different appearance?


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