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To begin with, media has been extensively in use especially in the current era. It is presumably the fashion of the era and no one can dispute the fact that it is the aspiration of each and every individual. It has played a great role in dissemination of information in all dimensions of life. In particular, media has had great effects on the lives of the youths. In this sense, at a close examination of the fashion trends that are been used by youths, it is obvious that one will find that media has effected it (Sproles, 1981). Look at the youths, the fashions they highly value; at the same time, look at the media, the fashions displayed and then do an analysis. The resultant factor is that the current generation of youths and the fashions they value is a product of media influence. So to articulate, the media can be described as a fashion trend setter.

In this regard, it is important to examine the effects of the media especially to the youths. One may question the reason why the topic is worth for research, however, the fact remains that the effects of media to youths are both negative and positive. In this sense, the negative effects may destroy the youths and thus affect the society as whole. In connection to this, it is the duty of every member of the society to ensure that the youths get the right fashions and that the negative effects of media to the youths are put under check (Redner, 2001) This point therefore, justifies the topic above to be worth of research. Past studies on this topic have put it that media as a fashion trendsetter so much affect the fashion trends of the youths owing to their exposure (Sproles, 1981). At the same time, others have pointed out that the most affected are the youths who spent so much time on TV and media to be precise (Redner, 2001).

In order to come up with comprehensive research information on the Media, the fashion trend setter and its effects on youth, there are several methods of research that will be applied. First, the review of the past available researches on the topic under discussion will be examined. As such, books, articles, newspapers, magazines and web sources will be utilized in order to establish the fact that there has been an effect of media on the behavior of the youths in terms of fashion. In this connection, interviews will be carried on the youths with different fashions. It will take a form of questionnaires of which questions to do with what made the youths to prefer the fashion they have will be addressed. Notably, youths spent so much time watching the Television of which it stands to be a very effective tool to broadcast information.

Media has been identified as a fashion trend setter in all aspects of life (Sproles, 1981). For instance, many of the fashions that are commonly used by the youths in terms of clothing are influenced by the media. Since youths spent so much in the media, they get a lot of information as they have become the target market for many fashion designers. It is very easy to influence a youth and therefore, if presented with a certain fashion as they watch the TV, it will be the next fashion and design they will prefer. The television, magazines, cinema, newspapers and other related sources of information have influenced the fashions that have been adopted by a great number of youths (Redner, 2001).

The data analysis regarding the effects of media as a fashion trendsetter on the youths will be done appropriately. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis will be carried in order to establish how many youths have gone for a fashion as a resultant factor of media influence. Thereafter, an analysis of those who were influenced by media and those who were not will be carried. As such, conclusions will be made on whether media has effects on youths since it has been used a fashion trendsetter or not. The conclusions will be based on whether a large percentage has been affected by media or not. At the same time, secondary sources of information as highlighted will be put into analysis and results will be tabulated appropriately.

From a broader point of view, it is worth noting that the expected results of the research is that media has tremendous effects as a fashion trendsetter to the youths. So to speak, an establishment of this truth will make it easy for regulation of the kinds of fashions that should be included in the media as a fashion trendsetter. This regulation will filter the fashions shown by the media with negative effects. In essence, the topic under the discussion will bring into view the fashions that negatively affect the youths and are displayed by the media as a fashion trendsetter. Accordingly, the ones with positive effects will be brought into view and thus advice on viable choices on fashion and designs can be offered with efficacy to the youths. Again, what fashions to be displayed by media as a fashion trendsetter will be put under regulation to avoid negative effects to the youths.


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