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Free «The Devastating Effects of a Divorce» Essay Sample

In the contemporary world, the word divorce has received more attention than it was in the past. So to speak, divorce when used in the context of a family brings the meaning of a legal dissolution of a marriage. In actual sense, it is the final termination of a marital union. It incorporates the cancellation of legal duties and responsibilities attributed to a marriage. At the same time, it dissolves the bonds of marriage vows flanked by the concerned parties. Following this point, there are various reasons that lead to a divorce. As such, they range from social, psychological, physical and economical among other such related causes. Some of the causes of divorce involve extra-marital affairs whereby one of the partners unfaithful.

It is actually termed as unfaithfulness in marriage. Along with this point, divorce may be preferred in a case whereby one is emotionally or physically abused. In addition mid-life crisis has been pointed out as one of the focal proximal cause of divorce. Moreover, addictions to things like alcoholism and gambling have been pointed out as it to lead to divorce. Furthermore, workaholism has caused divorce in the sense that one of the partners may become so much attached to working thus neglecting the family duties and responsibility. In such case, a divorce may be used as a way out.


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Apart from the causes that have been highlighted above, there are other causes of divorce that have of late received recognition. As a matter of fact, money is something essential that without it, one may lack a lot of things. In spite of its ability to buy all things, it cannot buy the joy, the love and a lasting relationship expected in a family institution. Surprisingly enough, money is one of the leading causes of divorce (Opdyke 49). In line with this, financial difficulties and the stress realized thereof are the leading causes of the many divorces in the today’s world. This happens when the married partners fail to discuss about their financial problems.

For instance, a woman may feel uncomfortable staying with a man who is not able to provide for the family as he lacks in his financial strength. Besides this point regarding money, sex has been pointed out as to be a contributing factor leading to divorce. This occurs when one of the partners or both fail to fulfil their sexual duties in the marriage. This automatically translates to divorce as sex plays a great role in keeping the married couple together. However, a combination of both is far more devastating (Opdyke 46).

Above and beyond, the effects of divorce are far devastating than it is usually thought of. Basically, the effects of divorce affect the partners involved emotionally, physically, economically and all other aspects of life. Besides, the effects go to an extent of affecting the children along with their education and their day to day lifestyle (Turner 100). It is actually very traumatising and stressful act that affects every member of the family. Accordingly, it affects the society as whole since for divorced parents, the upbringing of the children will be wanting. As a consequence, the children may end up engaging in criminal acts that may jeopardize the society as whole.

Arguably, filing a divorce case has become easy and cheaper than it was in the past (Turner 95) .Given to the reasons of the expenses involved, it has as a result become the norm in today’s society. This is to suggest that contrary to what used to happen in the past, divorce is more formalized and it has been addressed by law. Freedom nowadays has been thought out to be each and everyone’s individual right. This has extended to the marriage institution of which getting a divorce is an easy thing to do. At the same time, the law that govern this institution has allowed for divorce in the sense that procedures have been made easy and more affordable in order to give room for many to divorce in the world around.


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