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Legalization of abortion has intrigued a heated debate not only in the United States of American but also in very many other destinations across the globe.  Ideally, the debate has created sharp divisions and differences between the factions on both sides of the argument with both the pro and anti-abortion activists groups citing strong points in the justification of their positions. Irrespective of the inhuman nature of the act particularly to the innocent fetus and the dangerous consequences that abortion itself attracts to the parties involved in the act, it is amazing that its legalization still attracts support from a significant cross section of people across the world including the US (See, Para 2) . Up to date, individuals have not yet reached a consensus as to whether abortion should be legalized or not.

In the constitution making of many republic and national, the issue of legalizing abortion still remains a contentious one and signs of its resolution appear to drift further and further beyond reach. Pragmatically however, whether abortion should be legalized or not should not be a matter of debate. From the face, one needs not be told that the act is in itself evil, inhuman and a pure contravention of basic human right. In due respect of the view of pro-choice views therefore, this paper presents an arguments for illegalization of abortion with a bias to the US. 



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Anti abortion war in the United States

In the United States of America, abortion is legal, having been incorporated in the constitution as early as 1973 (Lewis, Para 2). Similarly, the incorporation of abortion as legal in the United States has seen different parties continue to present their views, either in defense on the legalization or virtually campaigning for the amendment of the clause to make abortions illegal. While a cross section of Americans delighted upon legalization of abortion (Rubin, Para 4), others, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church and in theologically conformist Christian groups were and still are greatly opposed to the move to legalize abortion in the United States. In effect, the difference in the idea of legalization of abortion in the United States has led to the emergence of two factions, that is pro-life and pro-choice, the two groups of whom represent the two warring faction on the debate sounding the legalization of abortion in the United States with the later presenting a strong case to argue against abortion and the former defending the law that legalizes abortion in the united states 

Among the earliest pro life activists groups to stage a strong opposition against abortion included the Eagle Forum, under the leadership of Phyllis Schlafly (Harris, Para 7). Presently, however there are numerous national pro-life organizations in the US and whose goals and strategies in fighting against legalization of abortion differ in intensity and organization. Quite often war against and for abortion increasingly turned corporal and even violent. For instance, the latest such scenario was the staged blockading of access to clinics which were believed to offer abortion services to clients and which were staged mainly by Operation Rescue, an organization that was started in 1984 under the leadership of Randall Terry. According to Lowen (Para 6), in the most serious move to oppose abortion in the United States of America, three clinics which were believed to continuously perform abortion in the United States of America were virtually bombed On the 25th of December on Christmas Day, 1984, three abortion clinics were bombed with the convicts of the bombing act claiming that the bombing act was in itself a form of cerebration of the birthday of Jesus, in deed a birthday gift for Jesus.

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Over the years since the illegalization of abortion in the United States of America, most of the churches and other religious groups have identified with the pro-life faction of the debate staging a strong argument for illegalization of abortion (Lewis, Para 4). Led by the roman catholic church, pro life have all through continued to fight for illegalization of abortion and describing it as virtual taking away of innocent life and which greatly contravened the teachings of the holy scripture and the sixth commandment in the old testament that restricts people from taking away life in whatever manner abortion included. Ideally, the church has dismissed abortion both on the moral as well as the legal standing describing it as inhuman, a sin, and absolutely unacceptable thus calling for its illegalization. However, the church as well as other pro-life groups have often distanced itself and condemned violence that has been aimed at protesting against abortion especially the bombing of three suspected abortion services providing clinics on the Christmas day of 1984 saying that although abortion was a  serious vice, violence was not an ideal solution for the same but another sin on top of the other making the issue of using violence to protest against abortion in the United States a matter of controversy (Lowen, Para 5).

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Among the latest warring point between pro-life and pro-choice is the introduction of partial both abortion and what is typically referred as the termination of late pregnancies (Lewis, Para 7). While those who are in support of the termination of late pregnancies idea or rather the pro-choice faction argues and maintain that such is necessary in situation where it is a matter of life and death concerning the life and health of the mother or advocates for such termination of the pregnancy in circumstance where the chances of fetus survival are minimal either at birth or shortly after, the pro-life activist and those who are strongly opposed to the move argues that in many circumstance where partial birth abortion are performed, the life or health of the mother or the child is, merely used as a scapegoat and can be avoided at all costs (Messerli, Para. 6).

Empirical studies reveal that, since the legalization of abortion in the United States in 1973, the cases of abortion across the US have exhibited a rapid rise. According to a report of the survey carried out by AGI in 2007, well over 49.5 million cases of abortion had been reported since 1997 to 2008, the survey reported 1.6 million cases in 1990 and a decline in the number of such cases in 2005 with 1.2 million cases representing a reduction of 8% in the number of revealed abortion case in 2000. Despite the reduction perhaps due to the effort of pro-life activist, the statistics revealed that the vice (abortion) was still very rampant in the US of which the fact that abortion is legal played a significant role in the large number of such cases. According to Crossed (3), the most ideal solution to stem abortion in the US was to illegalize it and institute punitive measure for these convicted of performing it. The fact that a woman who feels that she does not want to keep the pregnancy has the absolute autonomy to terminate the pregnancy at any stage has greatly led to the escalation of the cases of abortion in the United States.

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Legalization of abortion: what pro-life says

From the face of the act and with the human conscious, the need to illegalize abortion in the United States of American cannot be overemphasized. Just like human right activist have argued all together, abortion is it itself equivalent to a crime of murder that should be treated with the same intensity either by law or in moral standings (Crossed 3). Basically, that later argues that life starts at conception and the fetus must be protected at all cost irrespective of the circumstance in which the child was conceived. After all, the fetus did not play any role in the predicaments that are facing the mother or to lead to the circumstance that led to its conception thus it is unjust that it should be made to suffer or even killed at any circumstances.

The argument put forth by the pro-life activist that life starts at conception cannot be refuted. Ideally, the fetus is the very basic form of life and thus killing it via abortion cannot be in any way be claimed by any one whatsoever as being dissimilar to murder. As a matter of fact, abortion and murder are inseparable and should be treated with the same intensity according to the pro life activists; abortion is an absolute contravention of the generally accepted social and moral principle that life should be duly protected. As such, the pro-choice activist arguments that life begins at birth thus abortions is not tantamount to killing is sheer hypocrisy and a mere justification of the ills of abortion but cannot undo the fact that abortion is itself murder. According to McMillen (21), legalizing abortion virtually amounts to making murder legal and accepting it as part of the society, which is bound to sanctify human life. Similarly, one cannot argue that life starts at birth when in fact the fetus is the most delicate and fundamental form of life and which should be accorded absolute care to survive. According to the aforementioned author, abortion is in itself amount to taking of life and thus no civilized society can make murder in legal allowing its citizen to take life at will and that is what United States did in disguise in legalizing abortion. The latter argues that adoption could provide the most ideal alternative to abortion going by the fact that many families in the United States of America were indeed desperately searching for a child to adopt. As a result, the later was of the feeling that it was that unjust that one parent was ruthlessly killing a child when a desperate other was frantically seeking to adopt one. Consequently, aborting the child on an argument that such was an unwanted child was sheer nonsense as there is nothing like unwanted child or pregnancy. As such it would be moral, human and preferable for the mother to have the child and give it to more over 1.5 million United States parents who are desperately looking for a child to adopt (anonymous, Para 2).

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Following the legalization abortion in the United States of America, individuals have conceptualized the vice as one form of contraceptive hence engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse since they have the option of abortion in cases of unplanned conception at their disposal. According to the pro-life activists however, this rather reckless, indiscriminative, and ruthless killing which only leaves the young lives as victims of circumstances (Harris 12). Ideally, it is not only evil but also immoral for a sane civilized individual to argue that abortion was an alternative form of contraceptive when it indeed amounted to taking of innocent life. Pragmatically, even cases of rape or unprecedented incest leading to pregnancies cannot be used as justification for taking away the innocent child life in form of an abortion. According to Harris (9) proper medical care in such instances can prevent pregnancies hence the parents should be blamed for their negligence leading to conception hence, by going for the abortion it would only amount to unnecessary punishing of the innocent fetus that was not part of the crimes in the first place. Instead, it is those who committed the actual crime who should pay for their sin and not this innocent life. It is incomprehensible for those in support of abortion to argue that woman should be given autonomy and freedom to exercise control over their lives when such contrast should in fact have been exercised by initiating measures in avoiding getting pregnant by using contraceptive if at all it is not possible for them to refrain from engaging in sex in totality. After all, it is rather incomprehensible that the governments by legalizing abortion choose to go against the will of many American taxpayers majority of who are pro-life (Alcom 7).

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Going against the majority of American taxpayers to legalize murder in form of abortion adds insults to injury on the American especially in undoing the gains the America had made as a civilized nation. After all the same taxpayers money whose will has been ignored is the same that is used to perform the act of abortion which is rather injustice of the highest degree. Furthermore, statistics and trend of abortion in the US revealed that the vice was prevalent among the underage and young women with little or no life experience hence the probability that they supported abortion out of sheer naivety and ignorance was very high (Messerli 8). Going by the idea of such youngsters to legalize abortion was rather irresponsible on the part of the registrations that are shouldered with the responsibility of advising its citizens and protecting all forms of lives using the laws that they make. More over, abortion does not only risk the life of the unborn but it often cause either death or health complication of the mother either immediately of later on in the woman’s life. Ideally, abortion greatly increases the woman risk of suffering from health complications which includes but not limited to ectopic pregnancies doubles, probability of future miscarriage as well as pelvic inflammatory diseases (Lowen 4). Furthermore, it is a risk factor for intense psychological pain and stress.

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The pro-choice argument that personhood is different from human life to justify the support of abortion greatly fails to make sense and is contradicted by the admission that life starts at conception (McMillen 9). Therefore, equating loss of unfertilized eggs and sperms equal to abortion is indeed laughable and exhibits absolute lack of seriousness in their argument. Since life starts at conception, it is obvious that abortion culminates to taking away life (Lewis 6). Similarly, the fact that the fetus or even the embryo attached to the mothers womb and its not a separate entity as some pro-choice would like to argue is not a justification that the woman has a right to terminate the life of the fetus but it is her sole responsibility to accord it the highest level of care possible to enable it to survive. Although, adoption is not a perfect alternative to abortion, the fact remains that it is still a more ideal alternative that greatly honors the fetus right to live by giving it a chance though at the hands of a different parent (Anonymous 7).

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Arguing that the mothers are not wiling to give out their children and they would rather be allowed kill it via abortion is basically unacceptable and immoral for a civilized parent. The argument that site safe abortion greatly fall short of its ability to undo the evils that abortion entails (See 7). The underlying principle is that whether killing of the fetus is done safely or not it amounts to killing an innocent fetus and it’s rather selfish for a woman to argue to justify her own safety at the expense of killing another human being. Whether a child resulting from the act of incest, rape or any other form of sexual abuse will cause further psychological torture to the mother or not, abortion punishes the wrong person since the fetus did not play any role in the act hence it should not be culpable for a crime it did not commit.

In conclusion therefore, irrespective of the many reasons that pro-choice would try to come up with to justify their support for legalization of abortion, the underlying principle is that life starts at conception hence abortion culminates to taking away innocent life which is in no way dissimilar from absolute crime of cold blood murder. As such, it is irresponsible that such act should be allowed via legalization in a civilized society in effect therefore, abortion should virtually be made illegal (Rubin 8). However, every rule has an exception hence though illegal it should be allowed as a measure of the last resort (to protect the life of the mother if at all it is the only remaining alternative).     


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