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With the development of information technologies and the Internet, video games have become extremely popular among children. As the most important, video games of different types is an essential component of modern culture. A variety of video products is actively used to attract attention of target audiences. Until recently, there has been no specific knowledge or empirical evidence with regard to the effect video games may produce on children. It appears that video games can become a source of aggression and violence practiced by children users in real life. Also, there is no sufficient information which could unilaterally confirm the positive nature of video games when used by users in practical performance, but the results of recent researches suggest that video games provide unlimited opportunities for the development of better practical skills and avoiding major mistakes. Thesis Video games have a negatives impact on personality development of young children increasing aggression and violence in them.



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Video games have a negative impact as they teach children aggressive behaviors. Video games are linked to the problems including bad grades and violent behavior of the people. “It follows then that video-game aggression may have similar effects on game players when the observed violence possesses these characteristics” (Lachlan et al 2005, p. 313). In many cases, it is difficult to control communication in video games and perception of the virtual reality by children. The changes are far reaching: the definition of video game; the nature of the information 'commons' for the child; the right of privacy in communicated expressions; the regulation of information infrastructures (computer operating systems and networks); the definition of information goods; and the nature of government communication with its citizens. These changes mostly revolve around information ownership and no consistent framework has to emerge as the question has mostly been approached in a piecemeal way. It is argued in conclusion that video games information must be built in such a way it guarantees security, as this is the foundation on which systems of trading, governance and research can be built. More interesting, though, was the extent to which users of the Internet as a news source say that as a result they are using traditional news. It seems that using online video sites may have a more negative effect on news viewing than news reading. This might be because Internet users most often go online for the sort of information featured by television news, especially cable. In the early days the online companies did their very best to replicate the printed or media product. Critics admit that:

Despite this growing concern, children still seem to be spending time playing video games. A recent report released by the Kaiser Family Foundation (1999) reveals that a majority of 2- to 18-year-old children in this country have access to video game technology in their home. (Smith 54).

Perhaps the most important thing that can be done is to recognize that the problem of aggression and violence exists.

The threat of video games is that parents and educators cannot control channels of communication and interaction in virtual reality. “The findings show that 79% of all the home video games featured aggression. Further, 21% of the games featured some type of violence against women” (Lachlan et al 2005, p. 313). If possible, these existing channel users should be involved in the use of technology and encouraged to accept the changes by sharing part of the planned benefits. There are several reasons why it may be necessary to reduce the level of margin on media products that are being sold via the Internet-related sales channel. It may be sensible to offer a pricing advantage to encourage customers to use the channel. This does not necessarily affect the overall net margin since the cost structure of maintaining the channel may be significantly lower than the traditional alternatives.

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In all countries, video games site succeed in moving economic activity closer to users (viewers) proposing low transaction costs, low barriers to entry, and improved access to information for the consumer. Thus, they have a negative and threatening impact on children and adolescents popularizing negative messages and behavior patterns. The internet has penetrated these sectors unevenly, thus marketers and advertising use this medium to promote their services and products to end consumers. Lack of regulations and censorship help video websites better position themselves against the mainstream media companies. Taking this measure helps the people to engage themselves in doing different kinds of the exercises. The game is often associated with the waste of time. Critics find that “about 90% of the games required the game player to commit some kind of violence, while 69% of the games required game players to kill other characters” (Lachlan et al 2005, p. 313). The same thing can be told about the classic game Asteroids. This game has many important characteristics. One of these characteristics is the ability to rotate the wrist moves of a spaceship.

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In sum, video games become a new channel of aggression and violence for children. Video games are not limited by censorship and regulations, channels of communication and geographical scope. In other words, this situation creates a conflict for parents and video games producers. Whenever there are a number of different communication elements that can address the same customer base, then there is the potential for conflict. The computer industry is renowned for having multiple channels which often find themselves in direct competition. Aggression and violence cannot be justified so many parents prohibit video games usage or strictly control type of a game their child plays at home.


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