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Free «Misuse of Statistics» Essay Sample

The statistics features in our time are one of the most essential parts of information that we get each day. Most of them are correct and up to date. Unfortunately, a lot of this data is exaggerated and misused when getting its way to the attention of public.

Recently printed information on the most wanted topic these days had already become one of the indicated misusages; it concerns the well-known hurricane Sandy. The statistics records are mainly used to forecast something or to sum up some data that were collected. Nevertheless, in our time, it is likely that the data are just adapted to what a specific writer wants to pass to the public and what impact would he like to have on them.

This kind of act of God is considered as a treasure by anyone who can make a profit on it. We can see a lot of articles that draw people’s attention to the variety of things. The insurance companies use the statistics based on the devastation made by the Hurricane Sandy, the employers sum up the losses regarding the emergency situation. In recently written post in Aol Real Estate homepage, the author sums up the statistics to underline that the disaster could be good for homebuyer as ”according to Calif.-based economic forecasting firmEqecat, Hurricane Sandy will result somewhere in between $30 billion and $50 billion offinancial damages, most of it in New York and New Jersey” (O’Conell, sec. 1). That way, the rates in damaged areas will go lower. As he says,” one consumer's storm is another consumer's opportunity”(O’Conell, sec.2 ).

We see that statistics may be easily misused in any way. The opportunities are endless. Everything depends just on how its match will be gathered to misuse it on us? In relation to nowadays, simple access to any media or source is essential to remember that any information must be legitimate and approved. The best way not to get on hook with the oversized statistics is always to double-check the given information.


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