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A human brain always was and stays a big mystery of life. Much attention is given to this topic. Many specific theories about work process and development levels are formulated. It is a well-known fact that the brain has two halves which are called cerebral hemispheres, each of which is responsible for any specific action that we take. The left hemisphere is considered to take responsibility for any logic actions or analyzing any given information. The left one concentrates more on emotions, feelings and imagination. Both of them are crucial to us. Nobody can just live by using only one of them. As everything in our body, and so are the both sides of the brain equally important.

Beyond the centuries, all students were taught in the same way and manner. When a student was incapable of reaching to the depth of some study, he was considered to be over challenged. It is good that in our time we possess the knowledge that each of us has a dominative hemisphere, which impacts directly the way how we learn and how we should learn.



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Surely, the left side has preference in learning, mainly when school age has started, and much has to be analyzed, learned and remembered. If a person actively develops this side of the brain, it will help in resolving any tasks given based on facts and sciences. If a person’s dominant hemisphere is the left one, he will be considered to be very organized and precise. All tasks will be delivered exactly on time, everything will be planed, and decisions will not be rushed.

When a person’s dominant side is right, he/she will tend to be more creative and wide open to almost any new opinion. This person will only take some tasks upon him when feeling inspired to do something. Learning in school, as designed by all standards, gets really hard for this kind of person. Such student will almost always be late with the assignments and will ask about extension.

The way of thinking of each individual is very important in searching the best way of development for it. It is really good that more and more studies concentrate on the way certain hemispheres impact our way of absorbing and conducting information. Certain ways, like showing pictograms and documental movies on some subjects, help to improve the work of the right side of the brain thus improving the learning path for persons, whose dominative side is the right one. Tables based on comparing and accumulating information are designed for people with the dominant left part of the brain as well as those tasks that relate to the collection of the information and resolving puzzles, which are the best way of developing the cognitive thinking of the left side.

As this two sides collect, convey, analyze and proceed with any kind of information in a different way, different ways of learning processes must go into action. If our brain uses both sides to learn something and then proceeds with this knowledge, both sides must be prepared to different aspects of wide flow of the information. If the right side mostly gets any picture in general, the right one pays attention to the details.

For people with a dominant left side of the brain, the best way of learning would be studying of the papers and researches and also collecting information to understand the topic. On the other side, for people with a dominant right part of the brain, it would be better to tell them more about any object, so they could visualize it and come up with some new ideas. Nowadays, a common tendency is noticed in putting together studies based on thinking and analyzing and the one based on imaginations and intuitional process. Actually, this often brings confusion for students and results in total disorientation in carrier goal and tendency of developing one stream of perspectives. For example, in applied linguistics, students are taught different languages together with programming and computer languages, statistics and programming together with development of speech and oratory skills. After graduating, students tend to lose their tracks. This is because both of the hemispheres were trained and developing at the same level for over three or five years, and the dominative one was actually suppressed by this kind of study process.

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Actual and right organization of learning process should be conducted on behalf of the studies about specific groups of human who have either left or right hemisphere more developed. All of the ways of convening information should be included in lectures and practical courses. The impact of a specific type of centralized thinking is overwhelming. It directly affects the process of learning in which this person should be involved. The approach to each person is totally different. If a student has left hemisphere more developed, his/her thinking is designed in linear manner. On the other hand, if the student has right hemisphere more developed, thinking will be mostly random and expanding in every direction.

Often, the logical and intuitive processes get into the way of learning. Left-brained person will go by logical way of getting a picture of any problem to be solved. He will collect all the data piece by piece and then come with a conclusion. Right-brained, on the other side, will make a conclusion about the solution straight away based on his feelings toward the problem. Only after some data is be provided to him, he will consider some other point of view. A conclusion which brain hemisphere is dominant can be done very easily. The only thing you would have to do is to ask them about direction. A left-brainer would probably explain the way in a manner “If you want to go to the mall, walk one mile north, then turn right on the Niels Str., after that go straight two miles and turn left on to the White Str.” So, mainly, it would be direct orders how and where to go. A right-brained would do it visualizing for the person the direction. It would sound more like, “If you look left you will see the university, go there and turn left where you will see a books store, and then turn right towards the Opera house.”

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So, as we see, the impact on the learning process of each side of the brain is very important. Every student has to decide for himself which brain hemisphere is dominant in his case. This will only help to develop better learning strategies and improve the results of studies.


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