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Free «Google and Intel in the Healthcare Field» Essay Sample

The most thriving international companies would never reach those heights where they are now if not an efficient and well-planned corporate culture. Corporate culture is an invaluable resource which is, unfortunately, often forgotten about in most organizations.

Google’s innovations brought it success on the world’s arena; however, the company is not stopping stop and is expanding its sphere of influence through effective product developments attracting more and more customers and, therefore, a constant flow of profits (“Google’s corporate culture”, 2009). Intel’s perfectly developed connection with the futuristic technologies, expansion into new markets, and exceptional company culture have made it one of the most successful companies nowadays (Karlgaard, 2011).

Companies in the healthcare field may take a lot of examples from Google and Intel concerning corporate culture which could be implemented in various sectors worldwide. In my opinion, the first and probably the most important aspect would be to improve the practice of employment of the right people. In our world of nepotism and wide-spread corruption good specialists without enough influence can often be left without jobs, while less professional colleagues are hired to do the job. In Google all employees are real professionals of their field of occupation.


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The second suggestion for the healthcare companies to consider would be to hold closely and foster key managers. Good management is vital, so if the chief physician behaves inappropriately, or does not motivate his subordinates to study continuously, self-develop, be not afraid to speak about mistakes of each other, his failure will result in the harm of people’s health. The third lesson from successful corporate cultures is striving for excellence. Intel and Google are recognizably perfect in what they are doing. On the other hand, doctors make mistakes too often, hospitals are not financed enough and sometimes work is done only for money, but not for the sake of people.


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