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Mostly an effective treatment of an abuse includes the biological and the psychological treatment. Combining them is the best option for the dependant one.

The biological approach can include: detoxification, witch helps the addicted one to withdrawal from addictive substance and get him clean, the using of Disulfiram, which helps by discouraging the alcohol consumption, Antidepressant or Dopamine, which help to reduce the craving for cocaine, Nicotine Replacement therapy, by which are used plasters, gums or nose sprays helps to reduce craving for a cigarette by the notorious smokers; unfortunately the biological methods only help the devastated organism of the dependant to survive, but not himself. This way it is of a great importance to maintain other treatments. Moreover the statistics show that 50 percent of the one that had taken over only the biological treatment returned to their abuse within a year. Of course the strong side of biological treatments is his accessibility. Almost any person that would like to set an end to it’s abuse can go to a clinic or a drug store and request the treatment or by the needed medicine.

The effectiveness of psychological methods in fighting the substance abuse is much higher. They can include: Culturally Sensitive Treatment of Alcoholism, when only some cultural groups are treated together, and no diversity in religion or race appears; Nonprofessional Support Groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous,

and Cocaine Anonymous in which the people that had the same problems help each other with tips and sharing the experiences of themselves; Residential Approaches, which requires a stay in a hospital or the recovery instance; Behavioral Approaches, which is concentrated mostly not on the substance abuse itself but on the behaviour of the patient, and how can he change it when facing the temptation.

The most effective treatment of the majority of cases in substance abuse includes only both of suggested approaches. Combined they give the best result. However it depends on the dependant and his mentality, a good examination and help from the psychotherapist is always needed in all cases of substance abuse to determine the most effective way of treating substance.


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