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Free «Moon in the Water» Essay Sample

The book ‘The Moon on the Water’ is a captivating insight into the life of Kyoko, a young woman from Japan with a tubercular, bedridden first husband. This story occurs through an interweaving of present time with flashback- both during and after the Second World War, a period of terror, apprehension, and great turmoil in Japan.

In my own opinion, I think when Kyoko says that “what if the child should look like you”, the pronoun you refer to her husband who was sick and died. To support this, we find that when her husband died, she decided to place a hand mirror together with a mirror from her never-used mirror from her never-used honeymoon case. However, after the cremation had been done to the body of the late husband, people saw a shapeless mass and really wondered what it could be (Kawabata , 1992 ). But she really kept the secrete about the mysteries not to let it even to her family or even her second husband whom she married after the death of her first husband.


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Another mystery that followed this was as a result of her childishness, when she felt as if her husband was like a child inside her. The reason why I tend to argue that the pronoun ‘you’ refer to her late husband is because when she becomes pregnant, she decides to go and revisit their old home that was situated in the mountainous side, which she once shared with her sick husband and utters the words ‘what if the should like you’. When she arrives at their old home, her mind is full of her late husband’s memories because what she sees there makes her to reflect the moments that they shared together with the late husband, and thus utters the words in reference to him; believing that that could be the only thing that would return her back to life with her second husband warm and at peace.


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