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Life has always brought different challenges in the lives of people. These challenges determine to a large extend the quality of life of a person, with people who are able to deal with them leading quality lives more than those who are unable to deal with various challenges that come their way. On the other hand, the solutions that are provided to these challenges also depends on a person’s upbringing, with some people being more experienced than others in dealing with what comes their way. However, one must understand that all these challenges are either problems or issues.

A problem can be defined as a challenge that comes into the life of a person thus disrupting the normal running of this person’s life. As a result, problems will demand answers or solutions that are definite for them to be eliminated from a person’s life. For example, when one is hungry, this is a problem. Therefore, one will need to eat to eliminate hunger. On the other hand, an issue is a challenge that does not need a definite answer and gives room to a person who encounters it to pursue a number of channels that will be more appropriate. For example, when someone has money but does not know what to do with it, we say that such a person has an issue with money (Language and Grammar).

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Problems and issues have both similarities and differences that are associated with them. First, the similarity between a problem and an issue is that both need solutions. However, the mode of approach in providing these solutions is what differs between a problem and an issue. For example, when one’s vehicle is out of gas, the only solution is to put in more gas. You can’t push such a vehicle all the way to work! However, when one argues whether abortion should be legalized or not, that reflects an issue. There are different arguments that are associated with this topic and both those who are for and against abortion are able to come up with solutions that are valid enough to support their arguments (Work Relationship).

It is therefore important to express both problems and issues carefully to avoid spending much time working on the other while you are facing a different one. When one has been able to classify a challenge as a problem, the next immediate action to take would be to seek for a specific solution to this challenge. Being able to draw a demarcation between a problem and an issue is the first step in finding a solution to a challenge one is facing. This can be accomplished by analyzing a challenge and seeking to find out whether it has multiple channels to follow or whether it needs to be addressed using a specific answer.

Buy Problems vs. Issues essay paper online

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