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An argument is a very important part that determines the position of somebody pertaining to a particular issue. It is through arguments that authors are able to convince the readers on whatever point that is articulated in their works. During the statement of a position, an argument is used to provide justification and therefore it is a clear indication of where an individual lies concerning a certain phenomenon. Arguments have to be stated in a systematic manner for them to have the sense of logic. Without logic in an argument, the meaning becomes distorted. A good argument when writing is constructed with clear premises and a conclusion. It is on the basis of the premises stated that a conclusion is derived in an argument.

In the course of arguing, it is fundamental to state the purpose clearly to the readers. Any written work without a purpose can turn to be irrelevant because it is not directed towards anybody. It is within the purpose that the argument is directed to a particular audience. An argument that lacks audience becomes irrelevant to everyone and therefore should not be encouraged in argumentative writing. It is through the statement of the purpose in an essay that the issue of audience comes in. Therefore during the writing of an argument, purpose and audience must follow one another in a logical manner so as to maintain the sense of meaning and relevance in that written piece of work. The position of the author comes out clearly in a well written argumentative essay because it is directed towards a particular audience and has the sense of purpose. These two important things are important because they capture the attention of the audience and hence they make it interesting to read the essay further. In conclusion, purpose and audience are fundamental aspects that should never be overlooked in an argumentative essay.


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