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An occupational therapist is a therapist who has been trained to practice occupational therapy. The main responsibility of an occupational therapist is to work with the client so as to help them attain a satisfied and fulfilling state in life. This is mainly by the use of interventions or purposeful activity that is designed to attain functional outcomes that prevent disability or injury and promote health. They also improve, develop, sustain or even restore highest level of independence in life. The occupational therapy is designed to help people to get the abilities to desire, perceive, plan, recall and even carry out roles, tasks, sub-tasks and other routines so as to be able to self maintain themselves.

Generally, the occupational therapy is all about helping people of all types to perform their day to day tasks which occupy their time, enable them contribute to society and even sustain themselves. Occupational therapists (OTs) assist people of all ages in improving their capability in performing tasks in their working environment and their daily living. Occupational Therapists work with those individuals, who are disabled physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and even developmentally.

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Occupational therapists do not only help the clients to improve their reasoning and basic motor tasks, but they also assist them in compensating for the permanent loss of the function. Their main goal is to assist clients to get productive, satisfying and independent life.

Occupational therapists help the clients in performing their activities or duties which ranges from using a computer, cooking, eating and even dressing. Physical exercise is used to increase dexterity and strength with other activities being chosen so as to improve the visual acuity as well as the ability of discerning the patterns. Occupational therapists use computer programs in assisting the clients to improve their decision making, problem solving, abstract reasoning, sequencing and coordination of memory as well as perceptual skills. Therapists also instruct those people with permanent disabilities like the cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injuries on how to use the adaptive equipment like the orthotics, wheelchairs and other aids for dressing and eating. They as well make and design special equipment that is used at work or at home.

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Occupational therapists also make computer aided adaptive equipment, they also teach the clients with extreme limitations on the way to use that equipment so as to communicate well and control several aspects of their surroundings.

Occupational therapists work in various places including schools where they evaluate the disabilities of the children, recommend them and provide the therapy required. They go ahead to modify the equipments used in class as well as assisting children to participate fully in the school activities and programs. Occupational therapists also work with the old people. They help those elderly to have a more productive life which is independent and active including the use of adaptive equipment. They also work with persons who have mental health problems and learning disabilities learning disabilities learning disabilities; they chose activities which help people learn to engage on how to engage with daily routine. The activities they chose include budgeting, shopping, homemaking among others. Occupational therapists also assist those persons with problems in drug abuse, depression, eating disorder, alcoholism and other stress related disorders. Drug abusers are affected by the condition of being unable to do their own things; they become stagnant in their thinking due to the conditions of disability caused by the drugs. Therefore there is need for guiding them in gaining back he wasted time and memories. Those affected by depression also lie in the same category hence they are also helped together with drug abusers by the occupational therapist. The focal goal is to assist the people to engage in satisfying personal and socially adaptive occupation.

Becoming an occupational therapist is a decision that needs one to be dedicated and even have a positive attitude towards this career. The willingness to assist those who need help in the society led me to this career. Having seen many people not being able to lead a good life due to various challenges in life, influenced me to a great extent towards pursuing a career in Occupational therapist as a profession. It is possible for those challenged people to do various activities and even manage themselves, if they were only assisted to get various tactics and skills to enable them develop.

This was one major reason that made me to involve myself and practice occupational therapist. This would mainly help me to assist those people in moving on with life and be in a good position to manage their various activities.

Becoming an occupational therapist at some point makes my greatest strengths when I feel that I will be able to help and assist people who need help. It also makes me feel great as I impact required skills to challenged people so that hey can help themselves in their day to day work. Giving back to the society especially to the needy makes me feel great with becoming an occupational therapist, these are the people who are most of the time are neglected. Becoming an occupational therapist involves a lot of dedication as well as commitment, most of the times it becomes hard to train someone to use some of the instruments or substances. It is also difficult to persevere some of the training one makes the clients to go through, it also becomes sometimes extremely difficult to train some group of people to be able to adapt to some occupations of life.


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