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One of the main concerns for security agents all over the world is how the effects of nuclear weapons can be reduced. These weapons can easily be concealed and are often used by suicide terrorists to wreck havoc on the target population. One of the best measures of reducing the effects of these weapons is ensuring that they do not land in the hands of terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.

Many people agree that the only way to prevent these portable weapons from landing in the wrong hands is to sever all Al Qaeda networks links, something that international police organizations like Europol and Interpol are well equipped to handle. However, one may argue that it is almost impossible to prevent nuclear weapons landing in the hands of people with intent to terrorize. In this case, all countries should install systems that help reduce the effects of nuclear radiation. For maximum efficiency, these systems need to be installed in all areas that are vulnerable to attacks, such as airports, border points and crucial security and communication installations.

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The effects of both external and internal radiation are not easy to deal with. However, their negative effects on one's health can be reduced through embarking on prompt treatment. Such treatment can only be assured if there is preparedness among government health agencies in all countries. Owing to the high costs of installing these preparedness systems, co-operation among different countries is very important.

The greatest challenge for agencies that deal with the effects of portable nuclear weapons is identifying instances of contamination. The effects of radioactive materials are very difficult to notice especially before an explosion has taken place.

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Expensive medical tests are beyond the reach of many people mainly because they are very expensive. Moreover, Al-Qaeda terrorists are often in a mission to cause as much human suffering and casualties as possible. This is why they attack strategic facilities such transport, communication and health installation prior to carrying the main attack. This makes it very difficult for affected people to get treatment.

The best implementation strategy is equipping international police units such as Interpol and Europol with the technical and intellectual capacity to respond to portable nuclear threats in the most effective way. These international policing organizations, if equipped with the right equipment and skills, can be more effective in dealing with portable nuclear weapons than a system that has been made in the United States.

Organizations such Europol and Interpol, tend to penetrate many parts within the geographical areas where they are mandated to operate, and they operate under clearly set objectives. This is unlike an organization set up in the USA, where overwhelmingly abundant information is counterproductive. When the US security organizations such as FBI and CIA have access to a lot of information on portable nuclear weapon threats, it becomes difficult to identify which information to focus on and which one not to, unlike in the case of Europol or Interpol.

For Europol, the much-needed logistical support that it receives from friendly countries such as the U.S make it even more effective in executing its mandate within the provisions of laws, regulations and policies. It seems as if large security organizations in the U.S are less interested in the short-term negative effects of portable weapons on the country's security.

Instead, the policies that govern them are designed to identify and deal with long-term effects that may jeopardize the country's reputation as a world superpower. Although this is a visionary measure, it exposes the country, and to some extent the entire world, to many small but cumulatively significant terrorist attacks, something that is less likely to happen with Europol.


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