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The International Institute of Health (IIH), founded in 2008 is a company established with the aim of contributing towards the improvement of the quality of healthcare. This is achieved through education, training, research and advocacy in the areas of health management and policy. Our mission is to be a global leader in health quality access for all and we envision a world that is free of diseases. Being an international organization, the institute has its associates and partners distributed globally, all working towards the attainment of similar mission and vision. The type of work performed by our employees include field work research, training , capacity building and development, events management, consultancies and advocacy. All these are done through collaboration with the key stakeholders in the market who include health development partners, researchers, governments and policy makers, health program implementers and donors. Employees receive payouts at all levels. These payouts range from Payment by Results, Performance Scheme to Financial participation or involvement.



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The Human Resources Department clearly understands the ever increasing economical and market demand for employees to meet deadlines and reach the target in order to sustain the company's relevance in the market. In fact, through rewarding excellence in the healthcare, stakeholders ultimately achieve the goal of having a healthier world as treatment costs are reduced (Baker, 2003). It is with these reason that the department has come up with the Pay for Performance Incentive Program, aimed at motivating all our employees and associates across the globe to continuously exceed the expected target through the provision of quality services and nurturing the spirit of excellence.

The program seeks to encourage and support the continuous development of IIH, through employees' input in the fast changing global economy, to encourage and motivate employees to constantly develop their skills, so that they are ever increasing value to the organization ( Kamp, 1994).

The institute also believes in well channeled communication activities. Therefore, clear communication of the pay for performance program goals and objectives will be made to ensure that both parties-the employer and employee have carefully read and are in agreement with the program before its implementation. A Communications strategy is already in place to ensure that line managers have subsequent meetings and forums with their departments and team members to thoroughly review this award incentive program, raise queries on the same and seek any further clarifications before proceeding to the next level. It is important for everyone in the organization to have a shared mission and vision in order to achieve this long term goal. Any matters arising from these subsequent initial meetings will be forwarded to the Vice president and head of Human Resources to further review and incorporate all logical opinions, in order to reach a compromised ground, reflecting the views of all stakeholders.

IIH employees are categorized in five different levels. Level 1 comprises individual researchers and associates, most of whom are at the entry level in the industry and work through supervision following stipulated roles. Their daily activities include the development of research tools, diagnosing problems and developing solutions in line with specific research projects, identifying and recruiting research study participants on the field, conducting data analysis and compiling research findings that guides the policy formulation of IIH.

Level 2 has the permanent employees who have at least worked in the company for four years, have experience and have influence in the institute's decision making process. They are in charge of developing research databases of the institute, preparing research and other organizational manuscripts, tracking our global clients involvement and participation in IIH research and other activities and also carry out the evaluation of information and data collected by associates and consultants to monitor consistency.

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Level 3 has the managers and senior technical experts who have over eight years of experience, set company objectives and make decisions. They perform the global managerial functions including:

  • Planning through policy formulations and strategic planning.
  • Organizing through identification, assigning and delegation of IIH activities to global associates.
  • Staffing through recruitment, analyzing the staff appraisal and promotion needs
  • Directing through providing supervisory, communication and leadership guidance to all the departments
  • Controlling through the establishment of the global IIH standard operating procedures, projects evaluation and monitoring.

Level 4 has the directors. These have over twelve years of experience with a thorough understanding of the sector. The Vice President and the President are at the top most levels 5 and 6 respectively. They have over fifteen years of experience and make global decisions, dealing closely with directors, who then ensure implementation of agreed policies trickling down to all departments.

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The major goals of the organization includes; improving quality provision of healthcare services by health providers, creating awareness of the benefits of improved quality healthcare and to advocate for better policy formulations based on research. The institute awards each goal and expectations. Bonuses are given annually to specialists, consultants and permanent employees who have worked to increase awareness rate against the initial set target. Additional fees may also be provided in exceptional cases. For the senior levels, an employer-health plan incentives and quality grants are provided in the event that work done reflects the overall organizational goal and objective.

A very important feature of a Pay for Performance incentive program in any organization is equity and fairness. It is argued that employees will recognize their payments to be equitable if it is fair in relation to their peers in the workplace and in other organizations. Internal equity is achieved when compensation programs are applied constantly, horizontally and vertically, across an organization(The Ontario Network of Employment, 2008). The International Institute of Health Limited, will therefore, governed by its core values of equity and integrity, uphold respect and understanding in the implementation of the pay for performance incentive program to replicate the value of work done internally and the worth of similar jobs in the labour market.

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The incentive program seeks to ensure that all its employees are satisfied with the transparent process involved. The Human Resources department will therefore maintain equity and fairness through: clearly outlining the payment structure of all employees in all the job groups stipulated in the company's strategic plan, compensating employees for their acquired internal and external skills and experience; that have been well applied in the daily operations in the company duties and have in return increased productivity, recognizing the duration of service an employee has given to the company, providing pay for performance that are in line with the market's competitive edge and finally through maintaining and exercising consistency in performance appraisals and promotions of employees.

Should an employee feel that the program is unfair or does not meet their expectations in terms of the rewards systems in place, clarity of the institute's objectives and goals, the following steps will be taken:

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  1. Write a formal letter to launch complains.
  2. Submit the letter to an immediate supervisor who will in turn forward to the Human Resources Manager.
  3. Once evaluated and agreed that the complains are logical, a discussion platform will be provided to solve the differences in an amicable way, to ensure a win/win situation.

We are committed to recognizing the outstanding performance of our workers and continuous nurturing of talent, skills and ability.


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