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I carried out a research on ‘The turning point of west Alabama’, an organization dealing with the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse on women. I was able to explore on a number of issues in line with my objectives, which I had earlier outlined in my research proposal. Some of my prior aims as per my research proposal were to explore on the organization and look at the efforts put across by the organization in order to deal with the rampant cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse among women (Turning Point, 2006).

Results and findings from the study of turning point of West Alabama

In my effort to achieve my objectives which I had earlier outlined in my research proposal, I visited ‘The turning Point of West Alabama’ where I was privileged to talk to Catherin Bringers. Catherin was one of the ladies working in the organization. I introduced myself to her and pointed out my intention of coming over to the organization. My main intention was to get primary information regarding the operation of the organization. Catherin was extremely excited to have me in the organization. I had some time with her where I interviewed her on several things regarding the turning point of Alabama. She gave me some lime light concerning the organizations. The issues addressed by Catherin Bringers were; the problem experienced by turning point, relationship that the organization had with the law enforcement, reasons for increased cases of domestic violence, the number of victims they encountered this year and how people can give a helping hand towards the organization (Turning Point, 2006). 



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The problem faced by the turning point of Alabama

According to Catherin the main problem that the organization experienced was the issue of inadequate fund. The organization is in need of the fund to cater for its workers to make a follow up on the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse among the women. Limited funds limit the organization on a number of ways especially in regard to execution of its duties. Funds are the main back bone of any organization making it run effectively and in a smooth manner (Turning Point, 2006).

Organization relationship with the law enforcement

As a result of involving on matters of domestic violence and sexual abuse, ‘The turning point of Alabama’ makes it have a direct involvement with the law enforcers. According to Catherin, this organization relates and cooperates well with the law enforcers whereby they are able to work hand in hand towards curbing the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Good working relationship with the law enforcers is giving the organization a good stand especially in fully addressing on the issues of domestic violence (Turning Point, 2006).

Reasons for increased case of domestic violence

Catherin reported that they experienced an increase in the cases of domestic violence. She attributed this increase to the control being exercised on women by men. She said that most women have no say regarding serious matters of life and ends up being controlled and manipulated by their male counterparts hence being prone to domestic violence. She reported an increase of about 2300 victims this year as compared to the last year. This was an enormous increase considering the gravity of the domestic violence issue (Turning Point, 2006).

How people can give their contribution towards the organization

Donating fund and offering voluntary services are one of the significant contributions which Catherin considered could be of much help to the organization. Fund will help in facilitation of a number of activities not dealt with effectively. Voluntary services will help supplement on the work force which might demand more pay and hence cause financial constraints to the organization hence these two should be considered as a major contribution towards the operation of the organization (Turning Point, 2006).

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Discussion of the findings

One of the main problems being experienced by the organization is the issue of funding where the organization has little fund to support its operation. This problem has led to the failure of the organization to fully deal with the issues concerning the domestic violence and sexual abuse among women. Funding is a great boost to the organization and also to its major operation. In order to cater effectively to the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, enough preparation is needed. This preparation calls for more funds to be ejected. This issue of in adequate fund is a major problem which is hindering operations in the turning point of Alabama.

One of the key points that the organization ‘Turning point of west Alabama’ has been able to achieve, is the good cooperation that the organization has with the law enforcers. Both domestic violence and sexual abuse are two issues which are considered to be criminal activity and hence need to be addressed by the law. In order to address on these issues effectively and especially by the ‘Turning point of west Alabama’, law enforcement is needed. Law enforcement is provided by the authority. Having some good relationship with the authority who are the law enforcers, is a good sign of ensuring of being able to deal effectively with the criminal activities. Hence the ‘Turning point of west Alabama’ shows some positive and strong points in dealing with the emerging issues of domestic violence as well as sexual abuse among women.

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Increase in the domestic violence among women was one of the factors reported by Catherin, a worker in the ‘Turning point of west Alabama’. Cases of domestic violence have been on increase globally according to a number of reports about domestic violence. This increase has been contributed directly and indirectly by a number of issues especially regarding the family coexistence. One of the main factors which are the result of all these cases is the male dominance among a number of families. These families where the male are the main controller of the family matters have experienced a number of domestic violence cases.

The turning point of Alabama is a non-profiting making entity and offering its services for free without any charges. Just like a number of organizations its operation need money and support from other people in order to achieve their intended goal. A number of non-governmental organizations rely greatly on donations from well-wishers and volunteering programs offered by people. Therefore in The Turning point of Alabama people should be in a position to participate in their duties through donations and volunteering.

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These are some of the things which need to be observed in order to improve on the functioning of ‘Turning point of West Alabama’.

i) Seek for more funds from donors and other organizations.

ii) Actively involve the law enforcers while dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse victims.

iii) Involve all the stake holders actively including the government.


Turning point of west of Alabama has been one of the leading organization committed in addressing the women injustices which are the domestic violence and sexual abuse. With adequate fund, support from the law enforcers and as well as adequate resources in terms of personnel the organization will be able to execute its duty effectively and hence curb on the increasing domestic violence and sexual abuse cases.


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