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Free «Mini-riots broke out at Apple Inc» Essay Sample

Mini-riots broke out at Apple Inc. flagship after shoppers were informed that sales of the newest iPhone 4S would not take place. Apple Inc. closed down all sales of the newest iPhone 4S in China for unmentioned period although the company offered an online option for shoppers willing to purchase the latest iPhone. The mini-riots broke between customers and the security staff at the flagship leading to chaos after buyers spent their time waiting overnight for the sales of iPhone 4S (Jones & Hornby, 2012). The waiting customers complained about the way the security staff at the flagship handled them and the troubles that they experienced during the waiting period. The presence of scalpers at Apple Inc. stores worsened the case with most of those being in line being the scalpers. The demand of Apple products appeared to be elevated in China with customers rushing to purchase the newest technological advances. Some customers cited poor handling from the store workers as their receipts were torn during the rush.


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According to Tim Cook, consumer response to the company’s products in China has been tremendous and after launching iPhone 4S, the company seeks to present the iPhone in more than 90 nations worldwide (Jones & Hornby, 2012). The comments presented by the Chinese shoppers at various Apple Inc. Stores demonstrate the success of Apple products in the Chinese markets. According to Zhang, “If people had to make a choice, I think iPhone fans would rather buy an iPhone 4S than go home” (Jones & Hornby, 2012). The statements demonstrate the eagerness that Chinese shoppers had regarding the launching of the most advance iPhone. Apple cited taking the measure to protect its esteemed customers together with its employees. However, halting sales of its products to the Chinese shoppers generated negative attitude from the eagerly awaiting shoppers, with some demonstrating the unwillingness to purchase the company’s products in the prospect.


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