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Basing focus on the research conducted in Sherman oaks community, the following were the terms of reference employed to effectively collect data and analyze the demographic results thereafter,

1. Use of various surveying techniques and instruments to effectively and sufficiently obtain the necessary data for the research.

2. Employing different methodologies in collection of samples to test the entire population to obtain both qualitative and quantitative data regarding demographic patterns in Sherman oaks.

3. Recommendations on the various issues pertaining the variables considered in the determination of demography systems in Sherman oaks.

4. Conclusions derived from carrying the research study.

Surveying and instruments used in the research.

Surveying is a technique of accurately determining the terrestrial dimensional positions of points in-order to establish boundaries for various parameters one of them being ownership. In Sherman oaks, this strategy was effected through its application to collect raw data useful in the analytical process of the research. Some of the fundamental tools and instruments developed in carrying out the research included the following;



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(I) Counting instruments-These majorly involve parameters that are utilized in determination of the actual demographic numbers and population present in a particular community or region and what they engage in to economically, our focus being oaks community.

(II) Economic decentralization of the area was another key instrument used in Sherman oaks. This basis provided a firm foundation into establishing the ownership patterns, way of livelihood and the economic activities practiced to generate revenue.

(III) Use of mapping systems to being a position to identify and capture those strategic areas in the population that act as a representative of the entire population being monitored. 

Samplings methods

Sampling is a method that is concerned with the selection of a sub-set of people or various elements from within a population so as to approximate the characteristics of the whole population. In this specific research, some of the samplings methods that proved viable included the following;

(a) Simple random sampling-This is a method whereby the population demographic is given random numbers. Selection is done such that each item stands an equal chance of being selsected.This method is sufficient since it eliminates any form of biasness and the sample taken is representative of the entire population.

(b)Systematic sampling-This is where the first item in the population is picked at random and the other subsequent items are selected at predicted intervals to arrive to the desired sample that can be used in the entire population.

(c)Cluster sampling-This is a sampling method where a cluster is picked at random, and then all the items or individuals belonging to the cluster are selected to test the population.

(d)Stratified sampling-The population is sub-divided into various strata’s, and then the sample is picked from each strata.

Recommendations and conclusion

The community of Sherman oaks should establish better ways of ensuring that the existing social classes amongst the people is very minimal on non-existent. This serves to `boost the demographic patterns in one way or another and enhance both economic and investment development.


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