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Predicting the future is exactly difficult. But with systematic analysis, we can have a clear understanding of what the future might look like by focusing on past and present and more on the key predictors of change. This essay will discuss what the future holds and how it will affect my personal and family lifestyle.

What the future holds

The future will be reshaped by many factors but notably are the emerging technological advancements, changing political and economical fortunes, and environmental changes especially the climate and the issue of global warming. This essay will discuss each of these indicators and show how they will affect family lifestyles.

According to a CNN report on future technological advancements, the technology that will be in use by the year 2025 will be similar to that portrayed in the fiction movies. Much of these technological advancements are just but in development in research centers and IT shops. Advancements especially in nanotechnology will reduce the size of government and make it more mobile, making the government to be anywhere anytime. From this perspective, my view of the government may drastically change as I expect improved and more efficient services making it more direct and involved. We will have an electronic government. The size of our electronic software will be very small, phone will take the size of a sheet of paper and these gadgets will continue to enhance our lives and productivity. Sending data over the internet will be thousands faster than it is today (CNN - What Technological Advances Can You Expect to See in 2025?).



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The world economy will also go drastic changes especially with globalization. Gradual liberalization of world trade will take place. "Bounty economy" will emerge and rampant cybercrime theft will be in the increase. I imagine economic transactions taking place over the internet and the world economy will just but depend on over the internet transactions. Predictions of the future of the climate show that the disruptive nature will turn catastrophic. Extreme weather events will be experienced and due to global warming, sea levels will go up and the contraction of the Greenland will continue. Rising sea levels intrusion will deny billions of people with fresh water for use like what is happening now in Thailand. These effects will have far reaching changes in wind, precipitation and temperature patterns. Some of the world endangered species will disappear due to changes in forests and wetlands. We will be left to narrate stories of what used to be where and how they looked.

Higher temperature will of course have a toll on people's lives as diseases such as malaria will be expanded. I will have to endure seeing most of the people I know die from some strange emerging diseases. A general reduction of crop yields is most expectedly due to harsh climatic conditions especially in tropical and sub-tropical climates (Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). I try to imagine sometimes people missing fresh water from the taps during a harsh hot weather, or worse missing some of my favorite meals simply because the climate can no longer support growing of such crops. This is just but the harsh reality in the near future (How Advances in Technology May Reshape Humanity).


The future of the world will most definitely change due to many factors that have indicated so. Technological advancements will alter the way people communicate, global warming which is a disaster in waiting will change the world's weather and climate and globalization will alter the way business transactions are carried out. All these effects will have a direct effect on families either negatively or positively.


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