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A triumphant manager is very self well-organized, intellectual, accountable and respectable individual. Administrative managers may call for a positive, fervent, having excellent leadership skills, and coping well with persons, as well as having the capability and determination to attempt and lend a hand to corporation in achieving its goals (Anderson, 2011). The administrative manager has to be able to encourage individuals and making them fell that they are essential assets in the organization wheel. The member of staffs have to be aware that the administration is putting more effort in order to make life for each member in the organization as lucrative, fruitful and pleasurable as possible, in order they may be able to concentrate more on their work (Johnson, 2007). Each employee in the organization is offered a specific obligation(s) to work on, under supervision of administrator who's responsible for planning, organizing as well as coordinating of performance to accomplish the required objectives and the administrator is the one who give instructions and put into effect to manage over the whole process (Margetts, 2006).

The administrator has to be significant that the job of the bureaucrat should not be confused with his/her task. For instance, the bureaucrat may have a task where he/she collect data from his assistants and analyze it to create successful solutions to an issue in the organization structure policies (Boston, 2008). To control and share policies, adapt users’ access, review the usage of agency data, record and give notices. Moreover, the managerial of the agency have to identity individuals to serve in various key the administrative roles (Rosenbloom, et al, 2009).

In conclusion, the roles of the administrative in the organization are development, capacity building, planning, coordinating, management and accountability. These roles are interrelated, therefore the administrator have to work hand in hand with his subordinate in order to achieve the corporate goals of the organization


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