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Anytaskrequirespreparationso as to achieve a successful outcome.Projects can be done better when using project management skills in the process.Project management methods canaidin the planning and managing of all sorts of tasks,especiallyany complex activities. For the project to be successful, the project managerhas to ensure that theymanagethe fourbasicelements of a project: time,resources, money, and most importantly, scope. All theseare interrelated.

If agoalisputtotest, a team will come out stronger than thesumof parts of its members since all are working towards achieving a similar goal. The team is,therefore,always striving for high performances. This can be done by ensuring different individuals are cohesive and taping their talents or the overall benefit of the team.

A successful project starts with planning.Through having set goals for the project and setting a time line for each, we can be sure that the project can be completed in time. A team has project processesnamely,phase management, planning, control, team management, communication, procurement and integration. Integrationcan be established during project planning,and as the team continues on with the project.In a team, individuals’strengthandweaknessneeds to be known thusmakingit easy toallocateroles. Thisensuresthat everyone isaccountablefor their part in theteam;thisis knownas Team Mind.

The decision theteammakes depends on a lot of things. This include type of decision, resources available or even the natureofthetaskbeing worked on .With this in mind, teamconsensus method of decision making can work out. This is because every memberwill be involvedin thedecisions ofthe team. Team behavior will beoverallfor the success of a project.


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