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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is defined as an approach that incorporates all models of communications and messages to ensure that a brand is profoundly publicized. In this case, Hong Kong is one of the most blessed country in the globe with rich culture, but due to stiff competition in the tourism sector across the world, it necessitate to market its tourism brands in order to remain the best tourism destination (Marchetti & Kam, 2007). It is also worth to note that this research paper will target Japan market and the audience that will be targeted are the middle (between 40-64 and order age (65 and above).

Target Audience

As noted from Armstrong (2009), target audience is a certain category of people that are aimed by the market for given merchandise. From Hong Kong Tourism Board (2011), the majority of Japanese who tours Hong Kong are the middle age tourists (who are aged between 40 and 64 years) and older age (who are 64 year and above). The two categories of the audience have been noted to spend more, though on dissimilar tourism brands, thus signifying that they are either middle class or first class.



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Promotional Mix

According to Clifton & Ahmad (2009), promotional mix is the amalgamation of promotional techniques applied for a certain brand. In addition, promotional mix consists of five elements, which are: advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations, as well as sale promotion. In this case, the best techniques of the promotional mix that will reach a wide range of the targeted audience are advertisement and direct marketing.

Advertisement is the promotion and presentation of services, ideas or merchandises through television, print ads, direct mail and web pages among others. As noted from the previous case, the middle age does not spend a lot of time in the house, while the order age spends their time watching television or listening to radio. An admirable advert for Hong Kong culture through the most favourite televisions and radios in Japan will automatic reach the order age, while emails, banner ads, web pages, direct mail and brochures will reach the middle age. Moreover, since the middle age spends most of their time outside their houses, an advert through posters and billboards can also reach them exceptionally well.

Moreover, the application of direct marketing can also vendor the Hong Kong culture adequately to the targeted audience (Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, 2011). As direct marketing tolerates a straight communication between the purveyors and bargain hunters, it will be easier to promote the Hong Kong culture through direct email and mobile, as well as interactive consumer websites to the middle age audience. On the other hand, an outdoor advertisement, promotional letters and catalogue distribution will reach the older age audiences, as well, since they spent more time in the house.

Brand Image

For Hong Kong to promote its culture to Japan successfully, brand image will be the bottom line of triumphant marketing. The brand image, in this case, ought to be exceptionally unique, attracting, clear and easy to read and understand by the targeted audience. Moreover, the brand image should carry the most esteemed culture in Hong Kong. Below is an image that can be applied to promote Hong Kong culture in Japan.

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The application of IMC is truly crucial in marketing a brand. Hong Kong culture is particularly distinct from others as it integrates western culture. However, for this culture to win a wide range of the targeted audience from Japan, it necessitates to promote its brands culture via advertisement and direct marketing. These are the only techniques which can be applied in order to win the middle and older age of Japanese.


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