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There are beliefs that there is a distinction between the sacred and divine. Religion pertains to the public, social, and organized ways through which people can relate to the sacred as well as the divine (Brodd, 2003). On the other hand, spirituality deals with relations which occur personally and in private, as well as in some eclectic ways. In most cases, for one to be a leader there is a need for spiritual bases. The reason is that these are two defining factors when it comes to the determination of the higher life values (Durant, 1980). The two functions of a human being’s inner call respond to life both in life and the world. In most cases, the passion and power to deal with leadership roles mean that one must have spiritual bases so as to succeed.

The characteristics associated with life show that the choices of people who are leading religious lives and those who are not vary. For instance, the religiously based individuals relate most of the happenings in their life to the will of God (Brodd, 2003). The choices of people are very different in those cases where one’s spirituality plays an important role (Wakefield, 1983). The ancient Greece was a place where religion and people’s spiritual basis affected every day’s way of life.



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Religion also gives women a purpose in life. For instance, they can carry out prayers during burials, as well as other rituals. In most cases, a choice needs a decision, and these decisions demand spiritual well-being of the person in a dilemma. As a result, the circumstances that we undergo determine the choices which we make. However, these choices depend upon the religious basis of individuals. Frequently, for one to become a leader, they have to consider their religious and spiritual bases (Wakefield, 1983).

People’s emotions are also greatly influenced by the religious standards which they believe in. On the other hand, emotions play a very big role pertaining to the kind of people who are elected to leadership positions. Considering the issues like marriage, people allow for their religious bases when deciding whether to choose a certain person as their marriage partner. For instance, it is rather hard for a Muslim to marry a Christian, or for Buddhist to marry a Hindu. This, in the end, determines whether they get any leadership positions in their communities.

On the contrary, religious people are very likely not to drink, smoke, or engage in risky sex behaviors. As a result, they have a better chance for being given a leadership position. In addition, when it comes to making ethical decisions, nobody stands out of the cultural and social world minus spiritual base. Therefore, where a person is raised or born as well the spiritual foundation, on which a person is brought up, really counts. The research found that religion and race seem to strongly impact the lives and decisions of the students at the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). A group of freshman students explored the impact that race and spiritual well-being had on students’ decisions to join campus organizations and social clubs. They additionally explored the impact it had on their decision to apply to UIUC. Apart from these factors, they explored students’ ethnicities and religions in order to better understand the students’ spirituality and their perception of a leadership (Brodd, 2003).

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The research surveyed students to see if they had been predisposed to the impact which religion has on their leadership credentials prior to engaging in any activities that are likely to give them leadership positions. Therefore, spiritual basis has the capability of altering or making the students’ decisions (Wakefield, 1983). The research also found that religion greatly impacted students’ decisions to join various clubs and organizations on campus. The researchers came to the consensus that during a period of adjustment, students were more inclined to join organizations with students’ having similar life positions. The believers in a certain religious group are more likely to support each other during times of the electoral process.

Further, the researchers found that many people consider religion and spiritual well-being as the most important aspects when making lives’ decisions. To this group, religion determines the ethics of people. Because ethical bases are a major consideration when people choose their leaders, it means that before the community chooses its leaders, the religious aspirations counts. The practical outcomes of people’s choices depend on their moral norms (Wakefield, 1983). In a world, where rapid innovation and ethical judgments are the norms, choosing the best possible way of life is dependent upon the religious views which people hold dear. When people decide upon fairness, honesty, and protection of the weak, spiritual foundation can help one become either a leader or not.

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Religion is also associated with such virtues as love, kindness and sympathy. Therefore, the society respects people who are believed to have these virtues as leaders (Brodd, 2003). Therefore, people look at the religiously focused people as their role models in society and are more likely to vote for them as for leaders. Many studies have also found that religious training has some long lasting effect on perception of many people (Wakefield, 1983). Therefore, if community believes that he/she is preordained for leadership, there is a higher chance that one will seek a leadership position. In conclusion, spirituality and leadership are inseparable.


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