Free «The GM, ASDA and Coca-Cola Companies» Essay Sample

The GM company site is distinctive in that the website provides for regional, national and specific product entry. For instance, in an attempt to enter the GM website, there is a provision to select a specific region (Europe), then country and finally to choose a specific product (Chevrolet, Corvette or Vauxhall). There is a brief welcome note in the site where details of sales and global markets are given (General Motors, 2012). The global site selector allows for customized search of GM-UK, Chevrolet. The site is purely a GM website where no advertisement services for other companies are given. The site color is black, which is quite dull compared to the Coca-Cola and ASDA sites. However the Chevrolet UK site offers platform for their partners; in this case Manchester United and Liverpool FC are advertised. The site offers the viewers the opportunity to see the latest Chevrolet products that are modeled to meet the modern car demand. Chevrolet UK is sensitive to the global warming and from the site one can view the redefined electric cars (Chevrolet, 2012). Links to other company details are given at the bottom of the company site. In addition, links to online social media like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr are also given to the site viewers.



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ASDA is a supermarket chain in the UK that sells a range of goods under the general categories of: ASDA Groceries with the option of door delivery and ASDA Direct that provides sales of hardware. All the categories offer online shopping option. There are sliding templates that advertise the range of products offered by the chain stores. Moreover, there are price offers indicated where a buyer could save 10% through price undercuts (ASDA, 2012). The savings made when a buyer uses ASDA Grocery are compared to the prices of the company’s main competitors like Tesco, Sainsbury and Waitrose. There is an overview of the number of cheaper products in ASDA compared to other supermarket chains. The ASDA site is attractive to the viewers’ eyes due to the sliding impressions of the company’s products. In the bottom of the site, there are the adverts of products of other companies, which is different to what the GM site has. GM site does not have advertisements of products of other companies.

The site, just like Chevrolet UK, offers links to Facebook and Twitter only. From the links provided by respective companies, Facebook stands out as the main social online marketing target of companies. The site is more interesting as compared to GM website. The strong advertising strategy used by ASDA and as opposed to GM could be due to that fact that there is stiffer competition in the sales of house ware products compared to GM’s vehicles that are not the basic human necessity. In addition, stiff completion comes from Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose, which are the established brands in the UK. The stiff competition is also due to the potentially big number of buyers that can be reached compared to potential buyers of the motor vehicles. There is the mobile phone application that allows the mobile phone users and potential buyers to browse the ASDA website. This is a demonstration of how important contact with the customer is to the company. Site locator gives the online users the chance to locate ASDA stores by just entering the area postcode. The store locator also gives the opening time for any given store.

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Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company is a soft drink company with over 200 branches globally (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2012). The company has dominated the soft drink industry. The Coca-Cola Company site provides all the information that a viewer may look for. The site is outstanding in that, on accessing the site, one initially meets the company brands and the range of services that the company offers. Just like the GM site, the Coca-Cola Company site does not offer any advertisement opportunity for other companies, like ASDA and Chevrolet UK do.

An outstanding feature of the Coca-Cola Company site is the video links given for various topics of interests of a site browser. Consequently, the site offers the biggest number of links to the social marketing sites: Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Of all the social media links used by the three companies, the most popular link is Facebook followed by YouTube, Flickr and Twitter. LinkedIn is the only link used by the Coca-Cola Company alone.


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