Free «Employee Motivation» Essay Sample

Employees play a pivotal role in the development and growth of a company. Therefore, it is prudent for the employers to appreciate their efforts. In this regard, employee motivation is critical for the increasing of the performance in a company. It should be noted that the employer who ignores the aspect of work place motivation is likely to experience high employee turnover. Let us consider the situation where one works hard and is well paid. However, his colleagues are not hard working as he is yet they get the same pay. Towards this, he should continue working hard and hope it will recognized. This is because his hard work will be recognized in matter of time. It may have not been recognized due to the lack of job appraisal in the company,y but when the company will adopt such policies, he will reap from his efforts. While it might be demoralizing for an employee to see that his efforts are not recognized, the best advice is that he should be motivated by his own work.


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