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Carnival Corporation is the leading innovator in the cruise line industry across the globe. There are various external factors that relate to Carnival Corporation. First, the acquisition of various subsidiaries has helped reduce the number of competitors in the industry. However, the carnival needs to improve on information technology. This is will help in knowing the customers as well as keeping track records of each client. It was help minimizing competition. Sociological environment is very strong in carnival since there are many women in the workplace. Carnival is also in the process of building superliners which carries more people as well as more cargo. Environmental factors such as tsunami and hurricanes affect business drastically. The travel agency is significantly affected by economic factors such as inflation, drop in income

SWOT Analysis in Regard to CSR


The major strength of Carnival in regard to corporate social responsibility is that it’s a unique idea in the line industry which is highly important and beneficial to the employee’s standard of living.



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Being a new approach to business, carnival lacks special needs-people facilities to help undertake it. It may lose awareness since employees are very ignorant about the essence of CSR in their work.


One of the greatest opportunity for Carnival increased market share which is as a result of the company’s acquisition strategies. This has also given the company a highly competitive advantage.


Poor advancement in information technology has made the Carnival Company not able to attract and retain potential customers. Another crucial threat is the chances of competitors organizing an event for a similar cause.

Four SMART Objectives of Carnival

Finance: The Company aims at raising twenty percent of the total desired amount within the first day of event

Operation: They aim preparing and being for the operation three days prior. This helps minimize chances of a competitor organizing an event for similar cause.

Customer Market: In order to increase market share, the carnivals aims at open 100 new accounts on their operation days.

Human Resources: in order to boost their human resource team, Carnival aims at recruiting ten new candidates each day of their operation


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