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Self assessment and evaluation is an interesting way of establishing and analyzing the unending process of learning and growth. Through leadership self assessment, it is possible to deduce the TOWS that define a personality and establish the entities that need to be altered or reinforced. To attain the highest levels of acceptability, lots of efforts have to be directed to the individual personality in order to satisfy the benchmark of an all rounded person. LSA portends the bigger picture, which could be outlined by traits and prevailing circumstances which can be further be defined as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats. Having confirmed the ability to lead from within, this evaluation clearly analyzed the current situation in appreciation of the past and the future.

Efficient time management, sound leadership abilities and exquisite written and oral skills are my greatest strengths. The natural ability to take up responsibilities, influence and motivate others means that I need to create time not only for individual duties but for others. Enormous commitments call for perfect balancing and flawless scheduling as well as planning (Howell, 2011. p 98). Through great vision and desirable ethics, I have successfully juggled the demands of leadership with the growing responsibilities as I climb up the educational ladder. Through effective time management, I have been able to sort out the conflicts of uncompleted tasks, whilst at the same time creating more time for fun and leisure as well as the people that look up to me. It has been essential for me to maintain high levels of discipline. Peers look up to my adorable oratory skills as well as writing, and as a leader I feel obliged to assist in any way I can.

It is prudent for me to acknowledge that I do have shortcomings. My weakness springs from my kind and soft heart that allows people to take advantage of me. I also tend to believe what is told easily. There is no known remedy for what makes one weak except a concerted effort to improve or personalized solutions to these weaknesses (Griffin, 2010. P 87). I have resolved to try to do a background research on information or examine closely the plausibility of ideologies before I take them in. Also, I have learnt that if it is possible to cultivate a sense of responsibility in others means that they pass truthful and honest information.

The numerous opportunities that come with the blessing of a supportive family as well as proper education provide a prop that keep me looking forward to the bright and promising future. The presence of my family and the tremendous support has seen me soar to great heights. I have a shoulder to lean on and someone to look up to every time. The wise counsel and unwavering belief in me has transformed my courage and trust in the great person I am and provided a great platform for my personality to prosper and blossom (Fieddler, 1997 p. 67). In addition to my age, I believe that the exposure I have garnered in the adventurous journey of education has increased my competitive edge.

To conclude, I have to examine the threats. The exposed innocence and willingness to support could prove to be big pitfalls for me. Being an easy trusting person, I struggle to please people and this has become a major concern. It is not always that easy to detect the motives of people. In addition, the leadership breeding that has characterized my upbringing endows me to have time and concern for others. However, for me the journey could be complete if I could strike the perfect balance. Nevertheless, the awareness created by the LSA and the SWOT is definitely bound to propel me towards becoming the accomplished item I want to be.


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