Free «Teacher Professional Development: Creating a Culture of Mathematics» Essay Sample

The teacher professional development is a teaching career development flagship that tracks feasible support activities that has been and can be used to develop the teaching career of professional teachers. Indeed, the teaching profession is one the most important discipline that has been mysterious in many aspects for long. The coherent understanding between different education stake holders has been long abused by the professionals in the field among other major stakeholders such as the community personnel and parents in particular.

Consequently, there has been a need to develop the professional acuity of the teachers in order to boost service delivery within the discipline and also to enhance quality education through procedural development of the modality of decision making in both official and social decisions that needs to be made within the organization. This paper therefore seeks to analyze some effective strategies that have been employed by a newly launched, school to develop teaching career Renaissance Charter School at West Palm Beach. In this context, the school employs a group of interns who offers service to both teaching and the non-teaching body of staffs especially the newly recruited teachers.

According to their findings, the group of interns advocates for the mutual synchronization of the entire fraternity of education ranging from teachers, administrators, parents all the way to the student body. To address this issue, the team of intern organizes its works according to subdivision with regard to the grade level upon which individual intern is assigned a group for the purpose of training and direction. Furthermore, the team of interns employs the mechanism of known as Understand By Design model (UBD) in addition to employment of policies drawn from Charter Schools USA. Indeed, this model is used the reverse mode of planning by initiating the planning by the development of an objective, downwards.

In addition to this, this essay puts particular emphasis on the development of cognitive relationship within the school environment that further leads to the achievement of the students which is perhaps the main objective of the learning institution. On the same note, this paper therefore analyzes the motives and specific objectives of each education stakeholders. For instance, the administrators’ objectives are to have the student succeed as well as to offer the necessary administrative services that will boost the pace of achievement of the institutional objective. Finally, this essay also emphasizes the importance of effective communication at all levels and within various stakeholders within and without the organizations as well as its purveyors.


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