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According to the article, “Wine and Sea Food-Red Rags”, the use of red-wine and seafood is considered to be unpleasant in nature. This is associated with the assumption that the combination of seafood and drink respectively retains a strong and unpleasant fishy aftertaste. Notably, numerous theories have been put forth to expound on the fishy aftertaste. One of them is the belief that red wine contains tannins, which is a chemical substance that makes red wines taste dry, possessing the capability to pucker one’s mouth in the course of consumption. However, recent advancements postulate that the after-taste associated with the consumption of both combinations is due to the higher level of iron in the red-wine. It is through the aforementioned research development that numerous red-wines have come up with less iron metal in order to off-set the traditional fishy after-taste. It is stated that other metals like Zinc and Calcium do not have the same effects with wine.

Personally, I used to think that the belief of not combining red-wine and seafood was due to cultural aspects. I used to think that white-wine was the preferred wine that could be used in conjunction with sea food. However, with the extensive study red-wines have been produced without iron in order to off-set the traditional fishy aftertaste. This is considered to be a positive development in the new wine world since the belief has now been downtrodden with facts making consumption of red-wine and seafood possible, and pleasant in nature.

New world wines are being produced to offset traditional beliefs. Unlike in the past where consumption of seafood was only made possible with the white wine, recent developments have proved that by eliminating Iron-substance present in red-wine one can easily enjoy seafood meals without the fear of experiencing the fishy aftertaste. Therefore, it is safe to conclude by stating the assumption that new world wines are being developed under immense levels of research.


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