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The research conducted by Google is considered unique since it has never been carried out before and it is also believed to contribute positively to the development of the company. The advancement in scientific technology made by Google is expected to positively impact the world and improve the quality of Google products and services (Sutherland, 2011). In other words, technological advancements are essential to both users as well as the company, particularly in gaining competitive advantage over competitors in the technology market. Research and development have been the main factors behind the success of Google Company because the company understands what customers want and tailor products in a way that meets customers' needs and wants.

Currently, Google is engaging engineers in the development of technology, which will help the company produce energy that is quality at a utility scale. In addition, Google Company is currently allocating a substantial amount of funds to research and development with the aim of coming up with more effective, unique, and cost effective technology that addresses numerous problems of its customers. The move will see Google in conjunction with other partners stepping up its efforts in the development of clean technology. The effects of the initiative will make the energy developed efficient in the market. In the past, energy investments that Google has been engaged in have always been complicated due to the fact that they have been spread between business and philanthropy.



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Global access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy is what Google Company is striving to achieve. Google now wants to identify transformation possibilities that are available in generation of energy and also transmissions that will allow to meet the anticipated high energy demands in the future. This paper looks at Google Company that has a mission of organizing information across the globe in a way that it will be useful and accessible universally (Sutherland, 2011).

Google has advertised five fresh positions in the Renewable Energy Wing. These will be the people charged with the task to manage energy usage of Google with an aim to keep the company carbon-neutral and at the same time cost effective. Other four remaining posts are dedicated to mechanical engineering. These people in the energy engineering team will have the responsibility to evaluate and recommend investments for the company in the development of new technology. There will be a head of the renewable energy engineering department, whose role will be to lead the team. There will be an engineer, whose role will be to prototype and specialize in the early stages of technology, and also a mechanical engineer, who will be heading manufacture and design.

The utility scale energy that will be designed will be a useful and practical system that will deliver results in a cost-effective manner. The energy approach by Google is driven by both technology and investment on a scale where it will be deployed to other locations. The Google page will be considered to have delivered something that is large enough after turning the energy wing in Google Company into a business. It will be considered an achievement since it is a challenge that has to be overcome to generate renewable energy and bringing it into the market.

Through making sensors and smart software Google engineers have demonstrated that a machine is capable of performing tasks considered complex and sophisticated, which have been assumed to require high professional skills of human beings (Sutherland, 2011).

Another scientific invention made by Google Company is the autonomous car, or in other words the driverless car, that has been driven on almost all roads in California (Google, 2010). The vehicles are considered safe because they have not yet caused any accidents with the autonomous cars resulting from errors of human controlled vehicles. Once the cars are allowed to be driven in most countries, they will help reduce the number of accidents that occur on roads. This is because manual cars are proving inefficient compared to autonomous cars.

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Autonomous vehicles are also going to be useful since they will be easy to drive by intoxicated, blind, extremely young, or old people. It is also argued that autonomous vehicles will be able to make good use of the road in the way that they will be able to fit in smaller car parks unlike other vehicles that cannot fit in the same parking space.

If adopted in most countries, autonomous vehicle technology developed by Google Company will change the way goods are delivered from one place to another. In the current setting in most countries drivers are the people who compose the entire delivery force. They provide logistics that is required in order to keep a state or a city running. Automated vehicles will be vital since they will ensure well-trod supplies and also make short runs between the fixed points, and this will relieve drivers from strain. According to Google Company, self-driving vehicles will even be more environmentally friendly and will also adhere to road laws as per the nation. Such vehicles will bring benefits to cities that have a high proportion of aging population, alcoholics, tourists, and foreign travelers (Sutherland, 2011).

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Even though the vehicle has been tested and proved to be effective and efficient, Google Company is yet to reveal its plans on how to market the robot vehicle. Engineers confirmed that the vehicle will be safe to drive in bad weather conditions or even drowsiness. This will be particularly beneficial because it will allow more vehicles on the roads because they will be able to drive much closer to one another. They will also consume less fuel since they will be lighter, and also the armor will be less defensive. Automated cars are equipped with radar sensors, a laser range finder, and video cameras, which enable the vehicle to have a view of traffic and also navigate the road (Google, 2010).

Automation, like the innovation of automated vehicle by Google Company, has continued to occur since the industrial age. Automation has constantly increased profits of companies and individuals, reduced labor costs, and this translated to lower price to the consumer of the product (Sutherland, 2011). Automation proves to be necessary since road accidents result in serious injuries, and with automation, there will be significant saving on medical bills. This in turn will cater for jobs lost in the economy.

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Some argue that autonomous vehicles will help create an efficient society by observing and obeying traffic rules. This will lead to change on many levels. When people become more mobile, more jobs are availed. The car will be cost-saving if used since it will save cost as only one car is required to serve an equivalent of ten persons. Vehicles covering small distances will have an electric battery, while those that cover long distances will use gas. Despite automation appearing useful and impressive, it has received criticism with some people claiming that it will result in unemployment since people will not have work to do anymore. They claim that only tedious jobs and not jobs like driving should be left for the machines.

Google Television is another innovation by Google Company. Initially, much of the entertainment at home was coming from television, but the situation is slowly changing, and most of the entertainment is coming from computers and mobile phones. Decline in the number of people watching television has resulted from the fact that both mobile phones and computers have a feature that television does not, which is the Internet. Even though the Internet is fast, it does not offer high-quality viewing like the one offered by television (Scott, 2008).

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Google Television provides a platform, which combines the Internet and television programming. An individual only needs to type the channel they are searching. All channels are recorded and shown in the same way they appear on YouTube and on some other websites. Favorite items on television can then be saved including channels, photo albums, and websites. Some of the new TVs being purchased already come with this feature, otherwise, people would be required to purchase regular television box. This innovation is popularly referred as "television meets website" (Sutherland, 2011). Innovation by Google Company enables people to enjoy the best of both the website and television at the same time. One can turn on television and watch all channels and at the same time browse for favorite photos, videos, or music.

Google Chrome is built in the television, which provides access to all websites. It also provides a combination of new experience of the Internet with that of the television. With the new television technology, one can access millions of channels via TV-set. Moreover, television is not only confined to just showing videos.

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Google Television offers easier and faster way of navigation across websites, applications, television channels, and movies. If one wants to watch a particular program, they only need to type the name and search. Google Television is built on a platform of Android and Google Chrome, which enables quicker access to features. Google is working with television manufacturing companies like Sony, Intel, and Logitech to install Google Television inside the TV-sets. Television innovation made by Google is incredibly exciting for those, who watch television since people experience the fun of watching television and accessing the Internet on the same screen (Sutherland, 2011).

Another technological advancement by Google Company is Google Buzz, which is a tool of messaging that enables users to share photos, links, comments, and status messages. All that is shared in the Buzz is organized into a conversation and appears in Inbox of the user. The Buzz consists of a list of Gmail contacts that have been frequently used for email or chat. The Buzz automatically follows those persons that have been in contact with the user. It will only share information of those persons who are using the Buzz and have also created their profiles in Google in a way that allows the public to view them. Users have an option to un-follow those persons whom they might not want to be connected with (Google, 2010).

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It is a requirement that one has to create a public profile before they can begin posting messages. It also has an option to hide people one is following and also the person following them. It is common for people using Buzz for the first time to be linked to other person unintentionally without realizing it. This is a result of the default settings that make the information public, and only those persons, who click the editing tab are allowed to choose whether to log out.

Google introduced the Buzz to serve as an alternative to other common applications such as Twitter and Facebook. After the Buzz was introduced, Google Company was criticized as a result of privacy issues. It was set by default that the Buzz was publicly disclosing the list of contacts that an individual had most frequently contacted either through chat or email. This was particularly inappropriate because information and also contacts of a person were revealed. As a result, preventive measures were put in place that allowed those persons using Buzz to choose whether to disclose their information publicly or not. Users can decide to un-follow those people they do not want to be connected with. This explains the reason why most persons who have a Gmail account are not enlisted to the Buzz services.

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Google Replay is another technological innovation by the Google Company. This is a site where Google archives every tweet in a Replay. Replay serves the search function that presents the most popular tweets over a certain period of time and also lists them chronologically to ease browsing. These innovations came after the realization of the significance of commentaries and firsthand information. During the earthquake in Haiti and Chile, Twitter was most commonly used to deliver information about the earthquake.

Twitter is extremely popular despite the criticism related to persons updating collection of mundane. It can be used to deliver a message that is urgent and also breaking news. When the earthquake stroke in Chile and Haiti, people tweeted about the situation right away from the scene where it was happening. Rescue teams in both Chile and Haiti posted photos of rescue efforts for the whole world to have a view. After realizing the essence and value of tweets, Google started archiving every tweet in the Replay (Sutherland, 2011). When one wants to access the Replay, they Google search, and then choose the show option tab. After that there appears a left bar having the updates. After the updates, there appears a graph that denotes the most popular tweets and key words that people are frequently searching. When one hovers around the graph, one can zoom in a particular time of the day and read all those tweets that were sent during that particular time of the day.

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To introduce all these innovations, Google Company has established effective mechanisms that ensure that the company employs highly skilled, creative, and innovative employees. This has ensured consistent innovation of new and unique ways of solving complex problems not only in the company, but also in the global market. In addition, Google Company focuses on training and development of its employees, and this has enabled existing employees to gain more knowledge and skills. This has given Google a competitive advantage in technology industry. In addition, this has ensured introduction of high quality products and services aimed at making the execution of tasks in almost all sectors easier.

In conclusion, Google Company has succeeded because it has created efficient and effective marketing mechanisms in the global market. This ensures that customers across the globe can access Google products within a short time and at affordable prices. This has enabled the company to maintain customer loyalty, and in turn this translates into overall success of the company.


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