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Constructing typologies is a method of unfolding communities of people exhibiting diverse clusters of attitudes, viewpoints and behaviors of the human race. Typologies normally consist of a set of expressive labels or types, associated to thumbnail pictures of characteristic attitude or behavior for a specific group. Typologies can be rooted in a certain attitude (someone who cooks only on weekends or someone who cooks practically every day) or on reaction to the client's product (adolescent aspirers v cynical rejecters). But this classification can go much further, claiming to classify far broader behaviors and attitudes. (Whaley, 2007)

Constructing typologies is a recognized method and is very useful in conducting market research, but they depend on the supposition that people have constant behavior patterns and an unwavering identity but these suppositions are progressively more questioned.

In living classifications, types occur in environment and these types decide sets of normal tendencies. These natural inclinations dispose us to use diverse kinds of communication, leadership and interaction. Types that are inborn are more than types of behaviors, point of views or value perceptions. Attitudes and mind sets are insightful of the internal emotional needs and drives at the back of these inclinations. We are unaware of these requirements and forces. (Nichols, 2002)

Typologies are simply the maps that direct the necessary characteristics of these types and make them perceptible to us. Once in our consciousness we can make more cognizant decisions about our inclinations or intentions, our attitudes, our friendships, and the schemes in which we function. Some methods of constructing typologies are more inclusive than others and comprise of an acknowledgment that type exists in a framework and is subjective to the social memes as well as expansion. Constructing typologies is also constructing paths to improvement and development. (Whaley, 2007)


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