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Employee selection is an important factor in determining the success of business activities. Business leaders therefore need to focus on the best ways of recruiting employees when business operations call for it. Munroe Kitchens is expanding its services and as such, there is need to recruit more carpenters and designers. To ensure that the employed workforce add value to the firms’ activities the following criteria should be followed in the recruitment process. An effective employee selection method should incorporate both organisational, job analysis models to identify most suited designer, and carpenter to fill the void. This section focuses on the two methods of employee selection.

Orgnisational Programmes

According to Catano (2009), “At organisational level, objectives for success are defined relative to delivery of products or services to paying customers” (p. 160). Munroe Kitchens needs extra workforce to need the expansion needs. The objective at the organisational level should be the identification of the qualified designers and carpenters to make sure that new customers will get the same benefits that the firm offers to its client base.



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Job Analysis

Job analysis method refers to the entire process of collecting useful information on the job vacancies. A firm using this method can adopt either worker-oriented method or work-orientated method. Since carpentry and kitchen design require specific skills, the work-orientated method would suit Munroe Kitchens’ expansion needs. Nonetheless, the worker-orientated method should also apply in “description of worker traits and characteristics necessary for successful performance” (Catano 2009, p. 160). Work-oriented method should be implemented first at the recruitment period before the worker-oriented method takes effect once the workers have been recruited. 

The firm should implement the two job analysis methods since both follow logical frameworks that would enhance performance of the new employees. The processes should be logical in the definition of workers roles and responsibilities. Despite the fact that job analysis does not require legal backing, it is appropriate if the firm should have its own legal framework when doing the selection. In addition, a successful candidate for job consideration should, according to Catano (2009) “demonstrate worker-relatedness of selection criteria if challenges in court” (p. 160). 

Organisations face stiff competition in both local and global environment due to unpredictability of the market. Other than employee recruitment to meet the expansion programme, the firm needs to focus on the building competencies of the workers towards the achievement of business goals and objectives. In this regard, the work-orientated method will act as a sustainable practice in defining the job specificity of the two new employees to be recruited. This method should not only apply to the new employees. Instead, the firm needs to develop competencies of the workers by engaging them in extra training methods to meet the expectation on the changing market needs. As Taylor (2005) observes, this is in response to the need to use “a range of sophisticated assessment techniques” (p. 226).    

Theories and Ways of Improving Employee Performance

Employee Performance Theory

On a theoretical perspective, performance appraisal is referred as a rational process, which is objective, and systematically designed to follow methods put in place by companies and organizations to control productivity of the workforce. This management tool involves several attributes that have a great impact on employees. These attributes comprise of reward scheme, effective communication, feedback, reaction of workforce, fairness cum equity, and trustworthiness among others (Chiang & Birtch, 2010). However, it is prudent to note that the employee appraisal in many ways still fixed in the theory of job inspiration.

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Equity and expectancy school of thoughts illustrates that good employee appraisal guarantees a distinctive measure between good and bad performers and fairly allocate rewards. Proper appraisal also forms a stage for effective and efficient communication in an organization. Apart from enhancing equity and anchoring motivation, a logical appraisal can promote a deep sense of practical justice to all. The degree of employees’ performance and ability is very critical and forms the basic point of carrying out performance appraisal according to the observation of several scholars (Lam & Schaubroeck, 1999). In this regard, the procedure of carrying out evaluation of an employee’s performance can be termed as both developmental and evaluative. This categorisation forms the main reason of decision-making. In addition, performance appraisal enhances the productivity of employees thereby improving their well-being. Therefore improving the productivity and performance of the staff of the company would go a long way in improving the entire performance of an organization.

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Improving Employee Performance  

According to Chiang & Birtch (2010), employee performance appraisal is significant in helping an organisation to achieve its business goals and objectives. This is because it leads to high productivity level and high job satisfaction to the clients. Nonetheless, the implementation of employee performance methods faces cultural and social hurdles, which may lead to conflict of interest and the interaction of the work force. Therefore, firms should be able to appraise the best performance practices that suit their working environment.   

Top quality management

The modern business environment requires systemic staff performance appraisal tools because the conventional methods to do not to the demands of the modern competitive environment. One of the modern methods is top quality management (TQM) that identifies the most appropriate actions to undertake in order to achieve unit-level outcome. The system calls for managerial overhaul to inculcate a sense of teamwork in all business processes. Individual focus on employees is disruptive in meeting the goals of an organisation (Lam & Schaubroeck 1999). This model would work well with the worker-orientated method discussed above.

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Setting SMART goals

Another way of evaluating the effectiveness of the workforce is by setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time-Bound (SMART) goals. The goals should be created at the start of business cycle in order to enhance staff performance. The method encourages staff to carry out their duties without the need for supervision. It enhances fair subjectivity in the entire process of performance evaluation.

Employee Relation

Employee relation is pivotal for the development of an organization as well as employees personal growth (Ellis, & Spielberg 2003, p. 35). For the business to enhance its performance, it is prudent that the employees are comfortable with one another. In addition, both the employee and employer should adopt an environment that allows for sharing good rapport as well as working in close coordination with the aim of achieving a specific objective. In this regard, the following strategies would work.

Strategies to Enhance Employee Relation

Team involvement: The Company should make employees feel valued and indispensable in the business (Morgeson, DeRue, & Karam 2010, p. 12). In this regard, an employee must be given responsibilities based on their interests. Therefore, work should not be imposed on employees so that they can enjoy whatever they are doing. This strategy will go a long way in promoting better understanding between the employees hence harmonious relationship.

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Encouraging team spirit among the staff

This will make the staff to relate to each other more openly. In addition, this strategy will ensure that there is a discussion between the employees to increase the level of understanding. It is practical and prudent to rally employees to have a joint lunch at a round table. Therefore, a half an hour to forty-five minutes should be devoted to lunch and employees should not discuss work issues during the time but rather discuss another topic issue in the society. For instance, the discussion should be in movies, sports, shopping trend or any other issues under the sun. In addition, the company should organize picnics, retreat, and team building. These will ensure that all employees not only see each other as a colleague but as a brother and sisters.

 Effective communication in the business

Communication is very important in boosting employee relationship. In Munroe Kitchens, it seems there is no effective communication among the staff members. It is prudent to note that t poor communication result into confusions and misunderstandings. In this regard, the company should adopt effective communication that is precise and relevant. Effective communication prevents conflict not only among the employee but also between the employee and the employer. Organize Morning meetings. Morning meeting is very critical for bonding and starting a day in a positive platform as a family. This meeting should be for very one to contribute freely on issues which affect the company and how best to solve them.

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Employee rewards as a motivational strategy

All employees should be rewarded for their contribution they are making for the company. In this regard, the employees should be made to believe that they are part of the company. The reward should be in all forms, which include monetary and non-monetary.  

What the Company Did Right

There have been number things, which Munroe Kitchen has done right concerning the dismissal of Robert. To start with, George called for and sent a  detail of the investigation mission which  included an elaborate interview with both the customer and Robert, to Simon, who followed the company procedures and called  Robert to a meeting so that to  discuss the dismissal issue. The question of whether Robert has a case with Munroe Kitchen is judicial process that needs to be answered fairly. In my opinion, I strongly feel that he has a case with the company. This is because he was offended since the company dismissed him. In most cases when one is dismissed on such ground as that of Robert, it is the responsibility of the offender to seek the guidance of judicial process. In this regard, Robert was right to go to court of law to challenge his dismissal.


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