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Affluenza is a dangerous association of money. Among the individuals, Affluenza is termed as the combined obsessions, psychological wounds, neurosis, character flaws and behavioral disorders triggered by the existence or yearnings for affluence. This is initiated by the continuous development of modern world which leads to an increase in demand of material wealth; hence, supporting it. It acts in a meaning of supporting the flow of money that results in loss of economic and emotional balance, and division of classes. The book, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic, seems to oppose the Affluenza. This is portrayed by the way the authors of the book discuss the various symptoms caused by Affluenza in the America society; hence, making people to realize the best path to stroll on to evade it.

The book is divided into three sectors: the symptom of Affluenza, the causes of it, and the treatment. The American society is the one that is used to describe the three main sectors in the book. The first sector tends to describe the numerous of common Affluenza symptoms within the America society. This is done through the various chapters in the book, whereby each system is explained in details. Most of the Affluenza symptoms seem to occur during holidays or a peak season; when the majority of the Americans have the thought of willingness to be recognized in having much wealth. This shows that the most of the people in the U.S. go out for shopping to eradicate their emptiness in comparison with the other members of the society (Graaf, Wann and Naylor, 13). This results in divergence of people into classes of the rich and poor. In this case, the poor ends up suffering more in the shopping aspect. However, the Affluenza symptoms do not only affect the America, but also other communities in other nations. This is evident even in the community of Mongolia whereby there three main Affluenza symptoms impact the country. The three of them include: corruption, alcoholism and social scars.



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Corruption is the main symptom that is portrayed in Mongolia community. In the book, it is revealed that the Americans had made a god from the aspect of materialism, consumerism and credit. The links result to a union of the establishment of capitalism. This makes the Americans to behave in an unapproved manner, especially during their shopping times. This is illustrated via the fight between the two gentlemen outside Wal-Mart just due to materialism aspect (Graaf, Wann and Naylor, 33). The concept that the Americans are possessed of wealth that makes the poor to really suffer as they tend to spend beyond their limits. This is proved via the incidents whereby parents tend to take their children on expensive vacation and do a lot of shopping, which results to debts in the shopping stores and other places (Graaf, Wann and Naylor, 42). They act like this due to the materialism aspect that is in their mind; hence, ending up with stress. In America, some few incidence of bankruptcy are realized due to the debts people have.

The issue of dishonesty and illegal behavior is not only observed in America as illustrated in the book, but as well in the community of Mongolia. In Mongolia, the ruling government is very corrupt. This is evident by the way the government’s leaders possess the aspect of materialism; as such, the amount they get in order to develop the community, they use for their personal expenses. The mining cite in Mongolia acts as a base of materialism to the rich and the people in authority.

In Mongolia, alcoholism is one more symptom that impacts the community a lot. In the book, there is a description of the existence of various drinking springs and pubs. The materialism and the desire of consumption make the Americans to spend beyond their limits. These result to physical, psychological and mental torture to people due to the overloads and debts they implement in them. It is also revealed in the book that the majority of people in America used to work even over time, so they could be able to fulfill their desires. However, this aspect of materialism makes them to take some alcohol drinks in order to reveal their stress, or while still in the process of fulfilling their desires, the wants to consume alcohol increase. It is also revealed in the book that the most of people meet each other in pubs, which leads them to consume alcohol. On the example of Mongolia, both poor and the rich consume alcohol drinks.

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In Mongolia, social scar is among the symptom of Affluenza that has impact in my community. In the book, the authors reveal that in the previous days, twenty percent of the highest people in American used to earn eleven times more than the amount that twenty percent of the lower people used to have, including the poor. However, nowadays, they are earning fifteen percent times more. This tend to increase poverty among the poor as they earn very little compared to the rich. In the process of the wealthy persistency, harassing workers in order to get benefits, the poor society becomes the victims of Affluenza effects. The poor tends to encounter the environmental pollution in the processing of decreasing and accounting for their children’s greed and materialism (Graaf, Wann and Naylor, 57).

A study has been carried out in Mongolia’s community. According to the findings, it shows that the locality of the rich and poor really divergences. Moreover, it shows that the poor lives in shattered houses, while the rich lives in well-designed houses that worth millions of dollars. The rich people tend to mingle with their neighbors, the Chinese, rather than the fellows, since that they are of different classes. The research carried out in Mongolia reveals that the majority of my people work. However, some of the people are paid low salaries despite of the fact that they used to work some additional working hours. This makes them not to be able to pay fully their bills, since they tend to spend similarly to the rich, who owns more than them. They do this out of their desires of materialistic wealth.

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In the book, Affluenza, one realizes that despite of the symptoms and causes of Affluenza, there are some ways of preventing the disease. The main cause of Affluenza is the aspect of materialism. This is a result of the assumption that money can, should and does purchase happiness, which happens to the belief of the American dream in the book. However, Affluenza can be treated by first exposing the situation, naming it and to demystify it. This can result in balancing of money and making use of it according to appropriate methods. It can be made possible through creation of awareness, changes and education (Graaf, Wann and Naylor, 92).

But on the other hand, failure of treating Affluenza may cause a lot of destruction and decline of a country’s economy or its recognition. Because of the three biggest symptoms of Affluenza that impact my community, Mongolia may be involved in a very dangerous scandal, if the problem will not be solved in ten-twenty years to come. The symptom of corruption may make Mongolia’s community to lose its famous elements in the mining site. This is because the foreign countries or communities will not be willing to associate with my community. The corrupt leaders will continue to gain for themselves rather than initiating development in Mongolia’s community. Therefore, there will be a decline of the economy status in Mongolia community. The mental torture as illustrated in the book Affluenza, which includes stress that may lead to the decrease of my people’s health.

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The symptom of alcoholism is of higher impact in Mongolia community. The alcohol tends to influence people’s mind; hence, ending up in doing some negative activities. In Mongolia, there is some evidence offights whereby there is leakage of blood under influence of alcohol. This shows that alcohol tends to alter someone who thinks in a perspective to illogical ideas or actions way. The symptom of social scar in Mongolia is also harmful to my people. This is because it results in discrimination and divergence among people, due to the social classes, was formed. The rich tends to view the poor as lesser people and, therefore, tend to separate from them. This makes them not to share their ideas in developing Mongolia’s community.

From my point of view, it is clear to say that in ten to twenty years, my community will be demolished if the symptom of corruption, alcoholism and social scar will not be treated. This is because the disease of Affluenza will have spread all over the community beyond any cure. This is proved through the results of the effects of Affluenza’s symptoms in my community. Consequently, in order to evade this situation, it is vital to eradicate these symptoms in my community as soon as possible.


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