Free «Ideological Terrorism and Jihadist Networks» Essay Sample

The books introduce and give the reader a perspective of terrorism and Jihad networks. The handbook by Dyson describes the operations of the terrorists and how the activities are different from those of the other criminals. In addition, the handbook offers an outline of conducting an investigation of terrorism. Reading the handbook can aid a person to develop knowledge or skills for prosecuting cases linked to terrorisms.

The books offer straightforward direction on how to and not to respond to terrorism attacks. In addition, the pitfalls linked to terrorism probes are well expounded. The experience used by Dyson helps the law enforcers to be in a good position to solve terrorism-related crimes. The investigative techniques given by Dyson (2011) assist the law enforcers to understand how to handle terrorism (Dyson, 2011). The insights given can help many law enforcers and programs dealing with terrorism to be at an advantaged position. This is because of the straightforward nature of the books about terrorism.

The use of events and relationships with the environment makes it easy to understand more about terrorism. The book by White (2012) gives a good balance, and it is objective and comprehensive on the aspect of terrorism and security. The understanding of terrorism and the way it functions is well elaborated (White, 2012). The use of theories in analyzing terrorism in the world makes the understanding of terrorists easy. In addition, domestic and global threats of terrorism are well explained. Moreover, the fundamental security issues that are linked to terrorism in the contemporary world are well explained.

In conclusion, knowledge and understanding of terrorism, as explained by the books, puts a person in a good position to tackle the problem. The functions and operations of the terrorist are well understood and explained in the chapters. The functions and ways of dealing with terrorism are also well elaborated. Terrorism as a global security problem can be well handled by following the expounded security measures.


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