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The ideals and aspirations that have been discussed in the books entitled “Animal Farm and Brave New World” speak of the fact that the world will not remain on its constant state of economy, politics and even socially speaking. The Animal Farm speaks of a world of a farm that is under the ruling power of a power that was overtaken by the animals. The turn over took place with the desire of the animals to live a life that is not under the power or ruling authority of any person but a life that is reflective of equality. The Animal Farm strengthens the fact that no one can ever disregard authority, dignity and superiority of one over another. The messages of nationalism, political destiny, conservatism, revolution, democracy and other political ideologies that up to this time are being practiced not just in one nation but all over the world have been conveyed clearly in the two books.

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Body Basically speaking, the Animal Farm and Brave New World depicts the reality that the world will change sooner than people have expected. For example, in the “Brave New World” it can be seen that the society and the people have been trained to adopt a certain way of living, a certain culture and belief. Since conception, people are seemed to be placed into a particular destiny that they should embark when they grow old. Everything is molded. The same thing goes with the Animal Farm. The Farmer is the ruler or the god of the farm. He is the one to determine who is going to eat first among the animals or who among the animals will first take the bath or be released in the field to play.

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Everything has a purpose and those things are dictated by a ruling authority. Even if the characters differ in terms of one being animals and the other humans, the truth that there is a ruler draw the books related to each other. The argument that change is but constant does not necessarily mean one is obliged and tasked to embrace the same. However, the truth is that despite the changes that is apparent in the society and in the whole world the development of habit is indispensible. The same thing goes with lingering attachment to a particular thing, ideology, culture, attitude or behavior. Meaning to say, even if there are changes that are apparent in the world, there will always be a lingering attachment a person will show pertaining to a favorite thing. It could simply be an attachment to political affiliations. No matter how persistent the change is, people will somehow find reasons for attachment. Both depict the concept of rebellion. Hence, revolution is of no greater value for the farmer and the brave new world. It can be compared to a virus that is causing disease to the people and should be treated accordingly. Such virus can spread quickly to the world and therefore, international cooperation is necessary to prevent the same from happening again. This is simply to imply that revolution is not for people and should be suppressed. It is as if saying that revolution will just cause more problems rather than solution.

Revolution is defined as the gateway where people are given a pass that will allow them to attack the government and replace it with a government where the sovereign people want instead. Conclusion This has happened and became particularly true in the books. When the animals rebel from their farmer in pursuit of equality and freedom, they end up being governed with pigs that are the brightest and the idlest of all animals in the farm. Even in the midst of attachment to the social culture that has been molded such as in the Brave New World, it cannot be denied that change is one thing that cannot be disregarded accordingly. The “Animal Farm and the Brave New World” depicts of a life of the society in the real world. Everyone struggle for power and wealth in order to survive and to rule.


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