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Free «Book Report on Silent Spring» Essay Sample

The publication of the book Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson’s generated a storm of debate on the consumption of the chemical used for pesticides. Carson's main intentions in writing the book was to caution the public of the hazards linked with the usage of the pesticide .all long in the book, the author reveals abundant cases lessons verifying the dangerous outcome the chemical pesticides have caused on their surroundings. Along with these proofs, the author explains how in several cases the pesticides have done more destruction than good in eliminating the pests. In addition to the intelligences on the usage of the pesticide, she reveals that numerous of the lasting effects, is that the extent in which the chemicals may have on the environment and on human beings, are still unidentified. The debate ignited by Carson’s book led to the representation of environmental legislation and the foundation of government assistances to control the proper usage of the chemicals.

Carson's investigation on the pesticides unwraps in a supreme unscientific fashion with a story concerning the American town that has undergone a chain of epidemics. Investigation of the incidental destruction attendant due to agribusiness spraying provides a path to question which helps the author to prove that the effects of these chemicals had started to be recognized even in agricultural sectors. The author mostly make use of emotion and imagery ,in the book which act as a perfect judgment to the people, hence able to reveal the harmfulness of these chemicals.in the book, Carson’s keeps her irritation over issues in control and simply organizes the disasters which do not require her point of view. These disasters happened in places like Florida whereby two children repairs a swing by use of an empty bag they find on their .Shortly thereafter both of them are found died and the other three playmates falls ill, since the bag they used had once enclosed an insecticide called parathion, which is one of the organic phosphates. This tragedy and other clearly reveals to the people as well as the readers that Carson’s argument in the book about the pesticides chemical is true.it is through this tragedy Carson cites the opinions of several doctors medical researchers on the effects of these chemicals on human beings. The opinions stated that the accumulation of the chemicals in the tissue of the living organism, poses a powerful lasting genetic and carcinogenic harm in the human body (Rachel 2002, 67).

Carson arguments were suggesting the abolishment of pesticides chemicals but on the precautions to be taken in handling of these chemicals in case of their usage. This is because all species including humans are interrelated with one another and the murder of one species may jeopardize the others. This makes it harder for the chemical company to prevail in the free-market capitalism since, the government as well as the citizens is aware the danger of these chemicals. This makes the company to view Carson in a negative perspective but she argues that it is not her intension to pull down the chemicals company but it is also for the good welfare of the people and their surroundings. She claims that it was not a good idea to destroy the nature and the humans in the name of killing the pest (Rachel 2002, 89).

The book, Silent Spring helps to uncover the vulnerabilities of the usage of chemical pesticide and capturing the public attention to environmental concerns that have not being looked upon earlier. Carson’s argument has made the book to earn an unquestionable place in history, since it is able to clearly prove that the chemicals pesticides are harmful. The book tends to reveal to the human beings to be aware and careful of the usage of chemical used to kill pesticides because they may end up killing them instead of the pests.


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