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The article portrays various environments a young is subjected to in society as well as consequences of being exposed to different individuals with diverse perception on social issues. Also, the author is keen in revealing how unpredictable life is especially to young and curious individuals in the society. The author mounts her themes on challenges the young population in a particular environment encounter as they try to establish their identity and become autonomous members of a community. In addition, author draws the attention of the reader aimed at providing the society with the basis to handle and contain emotional disorders as well as unexpected occurrence of misfortunes that may have adverse effects on ones feelings.

Charlotte Temple book reflects social features encountered by individuals in an environment with different forces. The characters developed in the article not only portray various roles played one's associates at practical platform but also indicates scenarios and dilemmas that an curious sentimental individuals can face. Charlotte the main character in the book is mostly preoccupied with various thoughts about people around her as well as the environment that she frequently interacted with. On the other hand mister Temple as the youngest son of renowned man witnessed the declining dignity of his family (Rowson, 2006).



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The decline was caused by his brother who married nagging wife and her sister who a well known prostitute. A considerable number of unexpected adversities are noticeable in the article and shows how life can be unpredictable and varies with one believes and expectations. The article highlights how mankind destiny can be beyond his/her control due to changes that emanates from the external forces. Its further described in the book how scheming individuals in the society that young humans are entrusted upon to give adequate information make informed decision as well as direction to cope social challenges.

The book gives a description of emotional distrust and responses that individual exhibit due to pre-established notion especially regarding love life. This is portrayed through Charlotte altitude towards interacting with young men as well as receiving letters from them. For instance Charlotte declined to take a letter written to her by a young man on the ground that her mother had warned her not to read any letter before passing it to the mother. The mother was over protecting her daughter from the society and hindered her from interaction with other youths in the same age group. The action deprived Charlotte from making decisions regarding her live as well as become an independent individual in the society that can contain and handle challenges.

The article portrays emotional rewards and satisfaction parents or guardian receives after promoting and allowing children to be independent in choosing career paths of their choice. The fact that the young have passion for specific areas of expertise may result between them and the older generation in the society. From the article it is apparent that Montraville's father allowed his children to make choices regarding career paths. His son choice to become a soldier and his father respected the choice made by the son through supporting him to take active participation in the battle fields. On the other hand Montraville's sister was trained and raised in environment that reflected that f a gentlewoman (Rowson, 2006).

This indicates that through they represented less fortunate families in the society their parents was committed in raising in an apt environment. In this case the author shows that material possessions are not foundations towards giving once children the best especially on the social aspects that restructures personality of an individual. Though love finds no boundaries in the society, the fact that Montraville came from a poor house hold posed as a hindrance towards marrying Charlotte. This is evident from the expectations of Charlotte in giving off his daughter that was beyond the capability of Montraville (Rowson, 2006).

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The article unveils the sorrows that parents and community when a person is lost through death. This is portrayed through the alleged death of Charlotte when her mother was told she was dead at a birthday party organized for her. Mrs. Temple, Charlotte's mother was excited on her daughter's great day but the bad news she received from Mr. Eldridge subjected her a sorrowful moments. The fact that she was her biological child the dead of her daughter that catch by surprise resulted to severe disturbance as well as maternal sorrow. Though Charlotte was not actually dead the news that she was either dead or seriously ill has heavy hit her mother. Charlotte at one instance experienced challenging moment regarding her personal life. She reflected on her life and a painful thought are noticeable during her reflection process on her past life.

She perceives herself as an isolated from the society and feels that she might fails to associate with person that she can call a friend. Notably the article reflects real situations in the society and give issues affecting the society and influencing emergence of particular behavioral patterns. This information can either be obtained through personal interaction with the society or experiencing them as an individual. From this perspective the author deploys interviews to obtain information and develops tales that reflects the gathered materials.

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The article is informative on the issue and keen in portraying issues that affects the society especially the young population. The older generation may conflict with the youth on the basis of situational perception due to the generation gaps. The author initial thesis of the article has been comprehensively achieved. The fact that various scenes that are reveled in the article reflect society's position on particular issues the author deploys various techniques to condemn specific activities that can result social isolation of an individual from the society. Moreover the author is specific on different techniques deployed by parents to raise a child and the influenced behavioral patterns. The article is relevant to the real life situation and the goals of the author have been inclusively achieved.


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