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The chapter dealing with money and success in the book rereading America has been described as stories of rags to riches involving protagonist characters who lead exemplary lives through valiantly struggle against poverty and adversity making themselves a lot of wealth and honor thus realizing the American dream (Colombo, 67). These characters sometimes improve their social positions through auspicious accidents rather than though handwork and denial. Conservatives have criticized these stories claiming that it undermines the work ethic of American college students as it robs them their abilities to notice the enormous opportunities that are directly available to them.

The rags to riches stories assert that material wealth is not significant unless it is paired with the respectability of being in the middle class and a reputation. The characters in these stories believed that wealth is a product of meritocracy as well as a direct consequence of honesty, self- reliance, industry, thrift, an open manly face and a cheerful whistle. In addition to that these works on money and success are based on an amplified belief in the hereditary determinisms rather than an explicit contrasting achievement that is based on merit. These stories have served to influence the attitudes of its readers towards work and success hence affecting their work lives in one way or the other (Colombo, 167).



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The stories on money and success in the rereading America influenced my belief that if I study and work very hard while ensuring that I play by the rules I am guaranteed of becoming economically secure as I will derive a lot of wealth and reputation which is the measurement of a good and successful life (Colombo, 76). This belief has always given me an optimistic view that doing all that am held responsible for without deviating from the working etiquette developed for the performance of that work serves to making me successful and hence the essence of being patient for my time to come when I will be generously rewarded and gain my deserved improvement in social status.

Another way that the stories on money and success influence my attitude towards work and success is that each one of us is judged solely based on our merits thus the pedigree associated with race, gender, sexual orientation, class background and any other thing that is often beyond our personal control has limited influence on our opportunities to succeed in life. Therefore despite the fact that diversity exists or the variable mentioned above are present they don't influence on how my actions are appraised (Blue, and Naden, 309). This has influenced how I view each one of my colleagues at work as I am assured that every one of us is equal despite our personal diversities. These stories have made me belief tat in my work place I wouldn't be discriminated against based on by personal identity and variations but on the performance of my duties am held responsible to.

In addition to that, from reading the chapter of money and success is the rereading America I have learnt that at our places of work each one is has a fair opportunity to develop personal merits hence helping an individual to move in a direction that is helps one realizes freedom of choice that will power one to navigate towards success and achievement if economic freedom. The freedom to have fair opportunities has greatly influenced me at having a positive attitude towards daily challenges I face at work place as when odds are stuck against me I always convince my self to have a good reason to wake each and every day and face them with an optimistic attitude than before.

My attitude towards work has been influenced by the chapter on money and success in that I have come to appreciate the fact that my success in the workplace is not influenced by race hence am not concerned that my race will foster discrimination against me. Reading the chapter has instilled in me the belief that despite the many barriers that are associated with racial inequality in terms of history, structure and institutional that often litter the social landscape the stories of money and success has enabled me to mentally bypass the role that race play in the society through trivializing or erasing the social meaning of race. This attitude has promoted my belief that in order to attain economic security as well as a successful life I only need to work extra hard, be persistent in what I do and finally being patient for my American dream to manifest itself in my life.

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Finally these stories have given the optimistic attitude of declining with the reality of the diminishing opportunities of success in the modern society. Increased population has put more pressure on the resources essential for survival hence having a positive attitude that working hard will see me through such challenges is what helps me pull through each an every day with hope. Modern era is characterized by increasing inequalities, racial prejudices and other from of discrimination that has infringe in many work places thus negatively affecting the attitudes of many people towards work.

On the other hand these theories have led to increasing gaps in salaries of the elite employees and those with limited educational backgrounds hence have placed a lot of employers believing that education is the sole measure for productive employees hence increasing the difference between the educated and the les educated or the poor and the rich. Poverty has increased has people tend to have high hopes for better futures if they study hard but the limited job opportunities has forced even the learned to frustration and poverty due to rising rates of unemployment.


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