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Spencer Johnson's masterful book Who Moved My Cheese? explores various ways through which people and organizations can deal with changes in life and operations effectively. The theme of the book is centered on the need to be flexible in life since this will make one able to cope and adjust when unprecedented changes in life occur. It is this flexibility that becomes the ultimate test for Johnson's four characters in the book. The book presents real situations of change in the life of the four characters that pose a great a challenge. The way characters explore options to adapt to changes in their lives in not unique to them. Every human struggles to remain relevant despite many challenges and changes in life.

The four character in the book Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw live in a 'Maze' and go out to search for cheese that is believed to nourish them and give them energy to continue living. The four characters are a synecdoche of people in the real world. The cheese symbolizes various needs and wants that every human has in life. Like the four characters, everybody struggles to ensure that their needs and wants in life are satisfied. Cheese in the modern society stands for money, pursuit for happiness, wealth, good health, social esteem and other valuables of life. The 'Maze' symbolizes the areas that each person works or toils to ensure that their life's needs, wishes and wants are fulfilled. It can represent work places, family, political arena and other places of daily operations.

Like in the real world, Johnsons' four characters are met by unprecedented changes in their life. They are expected to survive and embrace change. One of the four characters finally succeeds in life and writes his life experiences on the wall of the maze for others to read. Reading the writings on the wall inspires one to meet life with expectations and hope. 'The Handwriting on the Wall' becomes a lifesaving elixir for anybody who reads it. It acts like a long term cheese that nourishes forever. What Johnson points out here is that once we understand ourselves we are able to beat all odds and succeed in our areas of work and ultimately attain eternal happiness.

Reading this book provokes on to ultimately regard it as an extra-ordinary work. Indeed, Johnson's philosophy on the pursuit for happiness has informed many of the readers to take up a positive change in their life, (Steve 12). In fact this forms the reason why I was requested to read it. I have never been interested in social philosophy as such but much recently when I read it, I realized that it was in my best interest because there are dream and ambitions I intend to achieve in life. Reading this book is comparable to looking into the mirror since one is provoked to examine his/her life, identify areas of weakness and change for the better.

Primarily, the book eludes setting goals beyond one's ability. This is a feature that has been inherent in many people's life whether in school, parenthood or work. It is true that knowledge is power and school comes as the first priority because without education it is hard get a good job, (Steve 54). I really recommend this book for every person interested in succeeding in life. johnson's views about life and the general approach to life is informed by many researches conducted in the various professions. The ultimate experience in reading this book goes a long way in shaping one's life.


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